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's manipulating you.
Can't you see the pattern? Every time
we leave the house, he pulls something.
He's just trying to get your
attention and sabotage me.
Anybody out there? Hello!
There's gotta be something that
we can do to get outta here.
There is.
- Help me move these boxes.
- Okay.
But what's back there?
Definitely not
a "dumb" question.
- The dumbwaiter!
- Bingo.
- Let's hope it still works. -
I'm sorry I misjudged you, Mr. Prescott.
I'll never forget
Miss Natalie's reaction...
when she came home and saw
what youd done to the house.
I do love watching her hyperventilate!
It's one of the few pleasures
of this job.
If you hate this job,
why dont you quit?
Jobs aren't that easy
to come by.
Besides, I could end up
working for someone far worse.
You shouldn't stay someplace you hate
just 'cause youre scared. Life's too short.
And viola.
Let's see if you fit.
Mm, up.
- Watch your head.
- As soon as I get up, I'm gonna let you out.
You just take care of yourself, you hear?
I'm tellin'ya, I heard something.
All right.
Stay very alert here, Vera.
I tell you what. Why don't you go down,
check out the wine cellar?
- Okay.
- Yeah. There you go.
Down here!
You better stay-- Oww!
Vera! Ow! Aah! Vera!
- What? Ooh!
- Hit the button!
- Hang on, baby! Huuh!
- Oh! No, no! Hit the button!
- What? I can't hear you.
- Hit the button!
- Oh!
- Oww!
No, no! Not that one!
The other button!
That's it! Oww!
Over here!
Hi, Mommy.
See ya. Door, open!
Natalie, you go get the royals.
I'm gonna go back and check on Kevin.
- What, now?
- Yeah, somethin's up. I can sense it.
- Maybe you have to be a parent.
- That's not fair. You know
how much I care about kids.
How much do you care
about my kid?
Kevin? Are you all right?
Mom, do you think you could slow down
a little bit? Kevin's probably fine.
You just keep an eye out
for cops, okay?
All right, Vera. Go check out the living room.
See if hes in there, all right?
God! I can't believe this.
I shoulda gone to college. Two years,
coulda been a dental technician. Two years!
Marv! He's in the bedroom!
- Mom?
- Get him!
Door, open.
Got ya.
Uuh! Gaah!
Door, close.
- Hey, Molly!
- Get in there!
Marv, honey. You in there?
- Shut up, Vera!
- Well, okay. I was just tryin' to--
- Shut up, you moron.
- Hey, I'm no moron, you jerk.
- Shut up, ya bag!
- Door, open!
- What's wrong with you?
- What's wrong with you?
I ain't no bag. And you know what?
You ain't no genius!
- Vera, honey--
- No! Don't "Vera, honey" me!
- Honey--
- You're not even as smart as this kid, who,
in case you hadn't noticed...
is totally kickin' our butts!
Well, from now on,
I am my own boss!
- Vera. Vera, honey--
- Don't "honey" me!
Pumpkin. Pumpkin.
Marv! Forget about her! Get the kid!
I'll be outta here in a few minutes.
Hey! Hey!
Open sesame.
- Well, get a load of that.
- Holy ma jolie!
Come on, Vera!
All right! Come on out, kid!
Ah! All right.
Open bar. Open bookshelf.
Open-- Open book-bar.
Open book-bar-shelf.
- Open-- Open book-bar-thing.
- Open sesame.
That's stupid.
- Who's stupid now, stupid?
- Hey, come on. Just get off me, all right?
I'm gonna take care of everything.
Bar, revolve sesame.
Watch this. It's all gonna be fine.
- Bar, stop.
- Oh! It's goin' faster!
Yeah, I know, Vera.
I know it's goin faster.
- Speed faster sesame.
- Okay. The wife's not feelin'--
Faster sesame!
Maximum speed sesame.
Stop sesame.
Nice jump, Marv.
Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good night.
Good night. Aah!
- Mr. Prescott!
- At your service.
Boy, am I glad to see you.
- Perhaps we should call the police.
- Good idea, Mr. Prescott.
Just "Prescott" to you.
- I thought you said you weren't worried.
- I don't know.
I just had a feeling.
- Mom!
- Mom?
- Who are they?
- Uh-oh!
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