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break in,
because they had their own remote.
- And who do you think gave them that?
- Prescott?
- Mm-hmm.
- That sounds a bit far-fetched to me.
I know. And you probably think
I have an overactive imagination.
Most people do.
But you have to believe me.
Kevin, Prescott is a lonely man.
The only thing he has is this job.
Between you and me,
he hates working here.
- But to do what you're suggesting--
- Then it all makes perfect sense.
He hates his job, so he tries to pull off
a big heist so he can afford to quit.
- Ah, I don't know.
- Listen.
He told my dad I was lying
when I wasn't.
And he shut off the security cameras.
So it can only mean one thing.
- And that is?
- Marv and his new friend...
have an inside guy--
- Prescott.
- I think youre right.
- I am?
- Yeah. You do have an overactive imagination.
But that's what I love
about children.
My own son was the same
as you at your age-- a real handful.
You must have been
a great mom, Molly.
Well, you just try to keep
that imagination under control, okay?
You were very understanding
about what happened today.
Well, Kevin's going through
a difficult time.
It's not easy
when your parents split up.
Believe me, I know.
But we'll get through it.
You're gonna be
a great stepmom.
I think we just need to figure out
a way to make him feel more at home here.
Maybe do some of the Christmas things
he's used to doing, like trimming the tree.
- You do that yourself?
- Yes, I do that myself.
It's fun. That's exactly what we're gonna do.
We're gonna trim the tree.
It'll get us in the spirit
of things, unite us as a family.
- Okay.
- Okay?
No friends, no fun, no snow.
This is definitely gonna be
the worst Christmas ever.
Hey, Kev.
How you doing?
What do you say we forget
about today and start over, huh?
- You mean it?
- Yeah.
Natalie's really a great person.
You just gotta get to know her better.
I think we should start having
a little more fun around here.
- I could live with that.
- Yeah?
Why don't we start
by trimming that tree?
- Now?
- Sure. Why not?
I can't hear you.
Can you turn down the music?
Music, off.
What did you say?
Of course we'll be there.
We wouldn't miss it.
Let me call you back.
Evangelista's in town. Margaret's throwing
together a little impromptu supper...
but we shouldn't go,
should we?
Well, why dont you go ahead without me,
and Kevin and I will finish up over here?
Really? You wouldn't mind?
No. Theyre your friends anyway.
You're an angel.
I won't be home late.
Where were we?
- You don't have to stay because of me.
- No, I want to stay. Really.
So, does Natalie go out
every night?
Pretty much. She leads a very exciting life--
more exciting than we're used to.
So you'd say
you're not in a rut?
No, I'm not in a rut. Why?
I thought maybe
that's why you left.
Kevin. Kevin, you know--
I didn't leave your mom
to be with Natalie, okay?
- That just kind of happened later.
- You wanna tell me about it?
Adult relationships are just complicated.
Sometimes when two people get married
really young like your mom and I did...
you just end up
feeling kind of--
- You missed out on some things.
- Yeah.
Just 'cause you grow up
on the outside...
doesn't mean you wanna
stop having fun.
I know all about
the inner child, Dad.
- Oh. You do, huh?
- That's why old guys drive sports cars.
You're probably right.
But the trouble with sports cars--
no room for anybody else.
Maybe one other person max.
But if you want to take a real road trip...
with luggage and all,
you don't even have room for a friend.
I mean, they're
cool and fast and all...
but who wants to be in a nice car
when you're all alone?
Well, that looks
just about perfect.
All that's left to do now
is put on the star.
Kevin always puts on the star.
That's right.
He does, doesn't he?
I always hold him up.
And then I give him a wedgie.
He makes a fuss. We all laugh.
Well, I
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