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Go? Go where?
Kevin, Natalie and I gotta go
pick up the royal family right now.
Now? But aren't we
gonna open presents?
It's gonna have to wait
till we get back.
But it's Christmas.
And why doyou both have to go?
Look, you know how sometimes
you gotta do things you don't wanna do?
This is one ofthose times.
Hey, we'll be back before you know it, okay?
And I'm sure nothing will happen
while we're gone. Am I right?
- Right.
- Good.
Hang in there.
We won't be long.
Door, open.
Merry Christmas, Kevin.
Merry Christmas.
- No, we're awake.
- It wasn't me!
Shh! All right.
We're on ourway.
Oy. Sure makes me nervous.
Let's go, pookie.
I knewit. Here they come.
First step-- eliminate the inside man.
Oh, Mr. Prescott?
Mr. Prescott, areyou in there?
- Yes.
- Mr. Prescott...
- can you help me with something?
- And what would that be?
- Another milk shake, perhaps?
- No. A bottle ofwine.
- Excuse me?
- Natalie said we need to get
some wine from the basement...
for the royal family.
Ifwe must.
So I guess you're right.
We're not gonna have
any snow this Christmas.
One can never go wrong
with low expectations.
You know, Mr. Prescott, it's been great
spending time with you these last few days.
Time flies when
you're having fun.
I know we got off to a bad start,
but things can be better-- much better.
- 'Cause you're down there, and I'm up here.
- Come get--
- Young man, open this door!
Let me out ofhere!
- Oh!
- Oh, boy! Am I glad to see you!
The kidnappers are coming.
But this time I'm one step ahead ofthem.
I locked thei r accom pl ice i n the basement.
I s this a perfect plan, or what?
It would be, dear,
except for one thing--
Prescott is not
their accomplice.
I am.
You're-- You're the inside man?
- I'm afraid so.
- Hey, Mom.
We're here.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Mom? He's your son?
- I told you he was a handful.
- Aah! Hey! Get off of me!
- Oh, now, come on!
Isn't there a trapdoor
or something?
No. Not much demand for 'em
in a wine cellar.
Guess you're right.
Got any good ideas?
Not a one.
- I do have a cell phone though.
- Perfect! May I?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
- Hello, Buzz?
- Kevin, is that you?
- Yeah. I'm calling from a cell phone.
- Oh, a cell phone.
Good foryou, puke-face. Is that another
present she gave you? What a showoff.
I'll try again.
Buzz, before you hang up, I need to
tell you something. I need to talk to Mom.
Okay. You told me.
I'll try again later.
Why in heaven's name did you
think I was the inside man?
Well, ifyou hadn't acted so strange,
I wouldn't have thoughtyou were... so strange.
And where wereyou the first time
these guys broke in?
Whydidn'tyou answerthe intercom?
Why didyou shut offthe cameras?
I didn't. But if those thugs
were using Molly's remote...
they could've turned off
the whole security system.
- But why'd you say I was lying?
- Well, because I thought you were.
And besides, I didn't want
Miss Natalie to know that I'd been...
well, napping on the job.
That woman. Ifshe could work me
24 hours a day, she would.
It's downright inhuman.
So, whenever she's not here, I, uh--
- You take advantage.
- I take a break.
A nice, well-deserved break.
With all the cameras and intercoms
turned off, I didn't notice anything.
- So I --
- You were covering your whoo-hoo!
- You want to try calling your mom again?
- Sure.
- Hello?
- Mom?
- Wait. Kevin, I can't hearyou.
- That's probably 'cause
I'm locked in a wine cellar.
No, I-- Honey, I can't hearyou.
There's too much static.
I'm locked in Natalie's wine cellar!
- Areyou calling to say Merry Christmas?
- Mom, areyou there?
- Sweetheart?
- Areyou there, Mom?
- Kevin?
Mom? Mom?
Oh, great!
The battery's dead.
Kalban residence.
Hi, this is Kate McCallister, Kevin's mom.
May I speak to him, please?
- Kevin's not here right now.
- That's strange. He just called.
Really? Well, he's out with
his father and Miss
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