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That's, uh--
[ Exhales ] Wow.
We've only been separated eight months.
Yeah, I-- It just happened real quickly,
and-- Listen, Kate...
I reallywant the kids to spend
a little time with me overthe holidays.
You want the kids for Christmas?
J ust a couple of days.
I want them to get to know Natalie better.
Oh, because she's gonna be
their, uh, stepmother.
Well, you're gonna
have to ask them.
I know.
- How am I supposed to see my friends?
- It's only a few days.
Well, duh, but that's just long enough
for me to fall out ofthe loop.
- Yeah, you can't expect us
to give up ourvacation.
- Well, Kevin?
There's a royal family
coming to visit.
Theyhave a son aroundyour age. You might
have a chance to play with a crown prince.
- A crown pri nce?
- Wouldn't that be cool?
- Yeah, way cool.
- And you guys wouldn't believe the room...
that Natalie has
set up foryou.
What do you say?
- I think I'm gonna pass.
- [ Exhales ]
It just wouldn't be right
leaving the family at Christmas.
- I'm sureyou understand.
- Yeah. Yeah, I do.
Well, it's-- it's
an open invitation, hmm?
And I won't be
back too late.
Sinceyou're staying home,
it wouldn't hurt to do some ofyour chores.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll make sure they get done.
Clean it, cheese-face.
My fault.
Hello, I'm home.
- How'd it go?
- Awful.
I hate Buzz. I neverwant to be stuck
home alone with him as long as I live.
Oh, honey.
I know he picks on you.
Picks on me?
Humiliates me, tortures me.
I'm sick ofbeing everyone's
favoritejoke around here.
Yeah. Yeah,
it's hard to be the youngest.
Well, I hate Buzz.
I wish I didn't have a brother or a sister.
- You don't mean that.
- Yes, I do!
I wish I was
an only child!
Well, I'm sorry that
you're so unhappy.
Maybeyou should go toyour room
and think about whatyou have,
rather than whatyou don't have.
[ Scoffs ]
[ Sighs ]
Only children don't know
how good they have it.
Life would be perfect if
Buzz and Megan weren't around.
I mean, is it too much to ask for
a familywho actually likes me?
[ Sighs ]
I'd run away.
Ifl knew where to run to.
Hey, I do!
I have an open invitation.
[ CoinsJingling]
Can't get myseat belt unfastened.
[ Woman Laughs ]
Thanks, Alan.
Oh, what an incredible evening.
And not a bad night's work.
We raised over two million
for those children's charities.
Door, open.
And I am on the verge ofsigning
two ofthe biggest clients in Chicago.
That's because you're the best publicist
in the world.
- Doors, close.
- Have I remembered to thankyou
for telling everyone that?
Fire, light.
Not tonightyou haven't.
Perhaps I ought to
- Music, on.
- ## [ Classical Starts ]
- Curtains, close.
- [ Chuckles ]
Aw, nuts.Just when
things were getting good.
- Nice house, huh, pumpkin?
- Sure is, Marv.
You sure you don't wanna rob it?
No. No, I don't wanna rob it.
My robbery days are over. Darling, we're
moving up to the big money. All right?
The easymoney.
No middleman.
Pure profit. Strictly
a class operation, huh?
Three words, Vera.
Kid-- na-- pping.
I think that's only one word.
We're gonna wait for
the royals to arrive--
hup, dup, dodey-do--
and then we're gonna kidnap the prince.
[ High-pitched Voice ]
"Oh, don't kidnap me. I'm fancy."
You sure we can pull it off?
I mean, without
Harry making the plans?
Lookwhere Harry's plans
kept landing me, huh? In jail.
Well, not this time.
Because this time...
I'm the boss.
- [ Scoffs ]
- Who's the boss?
- You're the boss.
- I love being married. Eh?
- That's my girl.
- Hey!
Oh! Looks like
they got a visitor.
This where you want to go?
- Yeah, this is the place. Thankyou very much.
- [ CoinsJingling]
Keep the change.
It's all change.
[Beep ]
[ Sighs ]
Who are you?
[ Gulps ]
[Man On Speaker]
Begyourpardon, ma'am.
Yes, Prescott?
Mr. McCallisterhas a visitor.
The young man claims to be his son.
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