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can't believe you did that.
Well, it was the slow lane,
and there wasn't much traffic.
Yeah, well, I don't know what
he would have done ifhe had lost it.
I think Kevin's going to have
so much fun playing with the prince...
that he's not even gonna
miss the stuffed animal.
It's going to be wonderful having a house
full ofchildren. I'm looking forward to it.
Children, watch
the garden sculpture!
Wel l, I... better get goi ng.
Before they break somethi ng.
Wel l, we're off to the airport
to pick up the royal family.
You all know
how important this is.
Now, the caterers
will be here momentarily.
And the guests will arrive
about an hour before...
- you and the royals
makeyourgrand entrance.
- No need to worry.
Everything will be
taken care of.
- It's just that I want everything to go right.
- Come on. Let's not be late.
I don't want one single thing to go wrong.
Door, open.
And nothing will.
Oh, good. You've finallyarrived.
- Mr. Prescott! Mr. Prescott! It's them!
- Hush, you.
- I 'll get him out ofyour way.
- Thankyou.
It's the burglars! It's the burglars!
Aah! Mr. Prescott!
It's Marv!
I guess you already
knew that though.
Listen, you. I have just about had
enough ofyou and your melodrama!
This is a very important night, and if I have
to lockyou up to keepyou out of ourway...
- don't think I won't do it.
- Look!
Ow! Ow!
Don't trifle with me,
you demon spawn!
Now that's a foolish place to hide.
One down, two to go.
Let me out ofhere! Let me out ofhere!
It's freezing cold!
Let me out!
Kevin, haveyou seen Prescott?
- Not lately.
- Ah, typical.
Always poking around
when you don't want him...
- and when you need him--
nowhere to be found.
Ah! Guests already?
Whatever happened to fashionably late?
Well, I don't like to boast, but...
yes, it will be the party ofthe season.
Oh, I'm getting another call.
All right. See you there.
Hel lo? Carmel i na, how are you?
What? Oh, no!
They're snowed in.
Their flight's been canceled.
Wel l, so am I. Devastated.
Well, all right.
We'll see you tomorrow.
Merry Christmas.
What are we gonna do now?
It's gonna be just an ordinary party.
Christmas Eve at your place
sounds anything but ordinary to me.
It's hardly the party
ofthe season.
- What ifwe announce
our engagement tonight?
- Tonight?
I know we were gonna wait till
afteryour divorce was final...
but it's onlya few weeks away
andyourkids alreadyknow...
and it'll make tonight
so special.
Well, if it makes you happy.
Where are those guys?
- Marv, I gotta tinkle.
- Vera, you can tinkle next week.
Always in a hurry.
Door, open.
All right.
Now, you remember the plan?
- Which plan? Harry's plan?
- What-- No! Not Harry's plan!
- The one involving rope and a bag!
- Why areyou yelling at me?
I'm notyell--
- Doyou remember the plan?
- Yeah.
- Now, when the prince comes up to bed--
- We bag him!
- That's right. We kidnap the kid napping.
- You're a genius, Marv.
That's right.
Door, open.
Now, the prince goes
in the bag.
- The bag goes out the window.
- Uh-huh.
We climb down the rope.
Door, close.
Everybody in the van.
And we're gone before
they know what hit 'em.
Beautiful plan, Marv.
Elegant in its simplicity.
All right. Let's tryit out.
Get in the bag.
Me? Why don't you
get in the bag?
Because I'm the boss.
Get in the bag, Vera.
- I don't wanna get in the bag.
- Vera, just get in the bag! Please!
You didn't tell me
I was gonna get in no bag.
I was saving it. It's gonna be fun.
Ooh, we're in the bag!
Nice. All right.
Window, open.
Uh, Marv. Ooh. Oh.
Don't worry, honey. I got ya.
Marv! Let me down easy.
I always do, baby.
Shouldn't have had
that last piece of cake.
- Perfect.
- Door, open.
Don't worry.
Everything's under control.
Uh, uh, Marv--
but still way cool.
Thanks for breaking
my fall, pumpkin.
I always do, baby. Okay.
Get out and stay out!
- I know what you're
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