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this game!
This chair's
a remote control chair! Oh!
This is so cool! Oh!
- Thinkyou'll be comfortable here?
- I'll say!
Thanks, Natalie.
This is gonna be the best Christmas ever!
Lights out, Kev.
Hey, Kevin?
How many times
can I lose this child?
- Hello.
- Kate, I...
wanted to let you know
Kevin just got here.
Oh, thank God...
he got there... safely.
- I was gonna call you, but uh--
- Are you okay?
Yeah. Yes, I'm fine.
Well, thanks for
letting him come.
- Well, thanks for calling.
- Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Goodmornin', Kevin.
Good morning.
- Who's there?
- Overhere, dear.
Hey. Hi.
Breakfast time.
Anything special you'd like?
- Wow!
- Sometimes I can't wait for Santa to come...
so I end up doing
some shopping bymyself.
- Would you like to open one?
- No, you're gonna spoil him.
Dad, it's her house. If she wants to spoil me,
she can spoil me.
All right. All right.
But just one.
And not...
the biggest one.
Does it really fly?
It really does,
but only outside.
- We don't want to break anything.
- Wow! Thanks, Natalie!
Why do you have to leave?
It's so close to Christmas.
I know, but the royal family's coming
for one of Natalie's fund-raisers...
and it's myjob to make sure the event's
well-covered by press and photographers.
Hey, it's not gonna take that long, and I won't
have to work for the rest ofyourvacation.
And ifyou need anything, ask Prescott.
He'll take care ofyou.
It's a cool plane, huh?
I think she's trying
to buy my affection.
- Kevin.
- What?
I'm not saying
it's a bad thing.
I'm glad you're here.
Mr. Prescott,
can I askyou a question?
- Yes.
- Can you make a milk shake?
Do you have chocolate?
What? Natalie said
anything I need.
- And you need a milk shake, do you?
- A chocolate one.
- Doyou thinkwe'll have a white Christmas?
- It seems highly unlikely...
given the recent
unseasonable temperatures.
What's this thing?
A mini elevator?
It's called a dumbwaiter.
- Why is it called a waiter?
- Because it carries food.
- Why is it called dumb?
- Because it doesn't speak...
or ask countless
idiotic questions.
Can you read?
The door.
" No Entry."
- What, does that mean me?
- Especiallyyou.
This is the control center from which
I manage this entire household...
as well as
my personal quarters.
Miss Natalie may have
granted you run ofher home...
but this is my domain
and strictly off-limits.
Any more questions?
Hey, Molly.
Whatcha doing?
Cleanin' the house.
- Gross.
- Oh, no, no. Not in this house.
Watch. Vacuum, on.
- Vacuum, off.
- Wow! The place even cleans itself!.
Want to see somethin'
really cool?
Open sesame.
Wow! This place is awesome.
Yes, it is.
Music, off?
Music, off.
I'm offto the store.
I'll be back in an hour or so.
And don't pick on
that dear child.
Door, open.
She's out ofthe house.
All right.
The coast is clear.
- Let's go.
- Wait. Are you sure it's safe?
Pumpkin, would I take you
in there if it wasn't safe?
It's just ifthe prince don't arrive till tomorrow,
why are we going in there now?
To get the lay ofthe land.
What doya think, Vera...
we're just gonna go in there tomorrow
and start grabbing kids?
"Ooh, everybody
get in the van." No.
We gotta figure out the where,
the when, the how to get him out ofthere.
Doyou know the secret
to criminalsuccess?
Not getting caught.
Planning. Preparation.
Be Prepared.
Be a prepared " preperator."
Eh? That's mymotto,
and that's whyI'm--
- A Boy Scout.
- No. The boss, eh?
- Who's the boss?
- You're the boss!
- Where's the boss?
- Right here.
- Hey. Boss, party of one.
- Right there.
All right.
Let's go, pookie.
No. It can't be!
It is! It's Marv!
Mr. Prescott?
Mr. Prescott, are you there?
Mr. Prescott! Help!
Marv, the alarm is on.
Oh, no.
What are we gonna do?
Watch this, eh?
Alarm, off.
- Hmm.
- Door, open.
- Ahh!
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