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will not happen again.
Will it, honey?
Really, I promise you.
We wouldn't want to discourage him
from calling us...
...in the event that
something real ever does happen.
- Shut up.
- Make me.
You pranked them twice.
It's on your permanent record.
For your whole life,
if you call for help, it won't come.
- Dad missed his plane.
- He was late to meet his boss.
We have to give family cash
to the Stephans...
...and to an evil octogenarian
to repair their doors.
And even worse...
The world laughs.
You've stained the family name.
First the Stephans.
Then Mrs. Hess.
I agree, Doris.
The next stop is the Alcotts' house.
What burglar goes into a house
and doesn't take anything?
You know what I think?
They're looking for something special.
And they're looking in every house
because they don't know who has it.
The question is...
...what is it?
If nobody's gonna
do anything about this...
...I'll just have to do it myself.
I am so sorry.
I'm clearly not awake.
It's all right.
Have a nice day.
I'll try.
Watch this.
Look, Doris.
I forgot about the stairs.
Got him, Doris. Got him.
Yes, yes, yes!
You are so busted.
I have it.
The toy car. It's videotaping me.
Come back on that.
Come on! Go! Go! Go!
Don't spin!
You there!
You was friendly.
I don 't have to kill you.
You got money that
doesn 't belong to you.
Brring! Brring!
Hello, this is Karen.
Hi, how's it going?
I'm running late
for the office again.
I think blue chips
are overvalued.
Technology stocks are good.
I'm in the shower.
Can I call you back?
Bad, bad Leroy Brown
Baddest cat in the whole damn town
Badder than old King Kong
Meaner than a junkyard dog
Come on, come on.
See you!
The car's outside.
I got the woman here. Get over here!
Come on, get up!
Oh! Oh! Whoa!
Ow! Ooh!
Everybody's in a hurry.
It's a camera.
Someone's onto us.
Think it matters? Chip's in the car.
We're at the airport in 45 minutes.
Where is Alice?
What happened?
There is a woman in the house.
I'll deal with her.
Get the chip.
I got it.
May I have a word with you?
Don't come in. I'm naked.
What's on your mind, monkey butt?
Come on.
What's that funky smell?
I lost it.
Come on, go, go, go!
It's out of range!
I got it.
I see it.
Look out.
Jernigan, which direction?
It got past me.
It's heading south on Adams.
I'm right behind the little...
It's off the street,
going through back yards...
...heading west.
Alice, what's your position?
Fourth house. Moving to the alley.
It's going through the hedge.
Jernigan, position.
You're there.
- I got it!
- I got it!
Unger. What's your position?
Heading down Washington Street.
I didn't copy. Where?
I said, I'm heading to Wa...
Stop, you nitwit!
I don't see anything.
I'll look around.
I don't have it yet.
We're out of time. Give it up.
They got the tape.
Why'd they still chase the toy car?
It's not that expensive.
I'm sure they don't have
enough time to play with it.
Look, Doris.
Computer chip, huh?
Where'd you find it?
In a remote-control car I got
for shoveling snow for Mrs. Hess.
She lives across the street.
It says U.S. Air Force...
...but you have to look
under a magnifying glass to see.
Kid, a lot of toys have
"Air Force" written on it.
This is a recruiting office.
We don't handle this.
Can I give you the chip number
to give to the right guys?
You think we should tell Mom
about the chip?
I guess you're right.
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