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desperately ill?
Thank you, Alex.
Yes, he knows you're sick.
What about the Family Leave Act?
I just have to go in...
...sign some papers and show my face.
I'll be gone an hour at the very most.
I called Mrs. Hess and...
You called Mrs. Hess?
She knows I'll be alone?
She said if anything comes up,
she'll be right over.
- She wasn't happy about it...
- She'll come over and make me smoke.
- Don't be ridiculous.
- What if there's a tornado?
Not in winter.
- Social unrest?
- I don't think so.
Boredom? It's deadly in old folks.
Goodbye, sweetie.
What about crooks?
That's not a problem during the day.
Why not?
No one's home during the day.
I'm 8 and I figured that out.
Couldn't a grown-up crook
figure it out too?
This is a very safe neighborhood.
There's only one road in and out.
The doors'll be locked,
you have my numbers.
- I'll be home soon.
- But, Mom!
What about dragons, giant spiders,
mummies, the living dead...
...and other figments
of my imagination?
Alex, I can't help you there.
Only you can control your imagination.
That's a scary thought.
That's weird.
Oh, my God.
20 seconds out.
911 Emergency.
- I saw a burglar!
- Are you by yourself?
My mom had to leave.
I have the chickenpox.
Can I have your address?
He's not at my house!
He's at the Stephans'!
Their address is
3015 Washington Street!
Burglar at the Stephans'!
I saw him with my telescope!
There's a woman with a dog
and a gray van!
I didn't recognize anyone, but
the dog looked like Johnny Allen's...
...so I called the police.
You called the police?
The burglar alarm was on and working.
There was no one in the house.
Doesn't appear that
anything's been taken.
I don't know what he saw
but it wasn't a person.
I'm sorry about this.
My son's been home with chickenpox
and I had to run to work.
I'm strapped.
I don't normally do this.
Son, false alarms are
no joking matter.
It wasn't!
The guy in the house had two lookouts
and a driver in a gray van.
He's been running a fever.
Ours is a serious business.
Oh, he knows. We gave him
a police set for Christmas...
Not this one, but last. You know,
one with a badge, a hat and a whistle.
He took it very seriously. He
arrested relatives for various crimes.
Not real crimes, but for leaving
the toilet seat up and snoring and...
I will, yes. Thank you.
Thank you.
You get in that bed.
Excuse me, I saw a man
in Karen Stephans' bedroom.
A white male a little older than Dad,
wearing butt inspection gloves.
I warned you about that telescope.
Look long enough and you'll see
things, whether or not they're there.
I guess you have to be 35
before anyone listens to you.
Don't get smart with me.
Sick or not, I'm very angry with you.
You caused a lot of trouble today.
We have to replace a door.
You think we're happy about it?
I saw what I saw.
Peter Beaupre...
...Earl Unger...
...Burton Jernigan...
...and Alice Rivens.
They were ticketed under aliases
but didn't board the Hong Kong flight.
I believe they're still in the U.S.,
but beyond that, I don't know.
Ladies and gentlemen...
...we've got to find that chip.
ALICE: What went wrong
with the burglar alarm?
- Nothing. It wasn't the alarm.
- Then who called the police?
Mr. Jernigan, care to speculate?
ALICE: Cars came and went.
The mailman came by.
We could have a watcher on any house.
It could be anybody.
I don't think it's just anybody.
I think it's someone on our street.
Someone we are not tracking.
Someone we've missed.
Dad, cab's here.
Oh, shoot.
Mom's not back yet.
Well, all right.
Mom took some documents to the bank.
She can't be gone
more than a few minutes.
Mrs. Hess is home. You'll be fine.
My beeper's on speed dial.
- Second button. Mom's is the first.
- Right.
- So, you're okay?
- Positively.
Give me a kiss.
All right.
This is a safe neighborhood.
We have great police,
as you learned
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