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in Cleveland on Wednesday.
Yeah, Wednesday. We'll talk
about it then. Face to face.
Yeah, man to man.
Your brother's bug!
Careful! Careful!
Three from downtown.
And the crowd goes wild.
Oh, man.
I hope they're not...
Alex slammed the seat
down on his thing again!
Alex, what happened?
I had nothing to do with it.
I'm innocent!
I gotta go. My kid slammed
the seat on his thing again.
I'll call you back.
KAREN: Keep that in your mouth.
- Mm.
- Chickenpox.
STAN: Mom...
...with all due respect...
...this is to get out of his science
project because his bug died.
- His face doesn't look that bad.
- His body's covered.
- Would that include his buttocks?
- Shut up!
This is great. If he scratches
his spots, we can call him scar-butt.
KAREN: Leave.
JACK: Goodbye.
- I'll make you some soup.
- I'll bring the TV up.
I'm so sorry.
Hey. Don't scratch.
Keep that under your tongue.
I'll be back.
Nice family. Huh, Doris?
- You guys should get going.
STAN: See you later, Dad.
Greenfield's 401 k is in the Effa fund.
You have it in the Midcap fund.
That's where your 3000 shortfall is.
I have to put you on hold one sec.
Alex, I'm on with the office!
So I think that what we...
I'm sorry.
Can I call you back in a minute?
You rang?
Thanks, Mom.
AGENT: Here we are.
ALICE: I wish my husband could be here.
It's a cozy little place.
Isn't this charming!
And it's available immediately.
My boys are just gonna love it here.
Yes, they will.
TV: Plus, special care and feeding
tips, next on Pets on Parade.
Look, Doris.
If you think that was amusing,
wait till you see what I do next.
Oh, yeah.
- Sit!
- I can't wait for next week.
I hate dogs.
Charlie, you know I can't come in.
Alex is sick.
Melling's reviewing the proposal.
- You're kidding.
- No.
- How long's he in town?
- He's leaving Friday.
- We can 't cancel.
- It's okay.
- Mary Lou can handle it.
- She's not who he expects to see.
You're the point person.
You told me you'd handle it.
I did, but my child wasn't sick
when I promised you...
Not my fault you can 't find a sitter.
Okay, I can come in for one hour.
That is it.
If Alex beeps me, I'm gone
and you can fire me.
Charlie, you're making me choose
between making a house payment...
...and taking care of my sick child
and I don't appreciate it.
You tell Charlie I'm desperately ill?
Thank you, Alex.
Yes, he knows you're sick.
What about the Family Leave Act?
I just have to go in...
...sign some papers and show my face.
I'll be gone an hour at the very most.
I called Mrs. Hess and...
You called Mrs. Hess?
She knows I'll be alone?
She said if anything comes up,
she'll be right over.
- She wasn't happy about it...
- She'll come over and make me smoke.
- Don't be ridiculous.
- What if there's a tornado?
Not in winter.
- Social unrest?
- I don't think so.
Boredom? It's deadly in old folks.
Goodbye, sweetie.
What about crooks?
That's not a problem during the day.
Why not?
No one's home during the day.
I'm 8 and I figured that out.
Couldn't a grown-up crook
figure it out too?
This is a very safe neighborhood.
There's only one road in and out.
The doors'll be locked,
you have my numbers.
- I'll be home soon.
- But, Mom!
What about dragons, giant spiders,
mummies, the living dead...
...and other figments
of my imagination?
Alex, I can't help you there.
Only you can control your imagination.
That's a scary thought.
That's weird.
Oh, my God.
20 seconds out.
911 Emergency.
- I saw a burglar!
- Are you by yourself?
My mom
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