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across the street.
I'll leave this open.
Fresh air will be good for you.
Think you're smart?
You little brat!
Unger, what's your status?
Heads up.
- How'd that happen?
- I don't know.
You got hit with a book?
Books. Plural.
A trunk full of books...
...then a set of weights.
I got hit twice, you dumb broad.
Excuse me, Mr. Unger.
I didn't get taken down by an infant.
We didn't anticipate the defense.
I'll go in the front.
Mr. Unger, you take the north side.
Alice, you take the south side.
Where is Mr. Jernigan?
Attention, travelers.
All flights to Chicago continue
to be delayed due to severe weather.
Please stand by for further details.
You can run
but you can't hide, junior.
What a loser.
I got him!
You are dead, kid.
Now things are looking up.
See you.
Well, well, well.
Nice try, kid.
I'm coming down.
Mr. Jernigan! Mr. Unger!
You got a haircut?
Are you almost done in there?
Don't start with me.
I'll wait.
Let's move.
- What stinks?
- Shut up.
You're out of breath.
Something wrong?
No, everything's fine.
I'm so worried.
The weather is terrible.
I'm coming home now.
No, no, take your time, really.
Don't come home, Mom.
Pick up Stan and Molly from school.
Are you sure?
Yeah, I'm playing Chinese checkers
with Mrs. Hess.
You're not smoking?
No. I gotta go. Mrs. Hess gets
nutty when you make her wait.
Okay, play fair.
What a brave little fellow.
Mr. Jernigan.
- Living room clear.
- Good.
Nothing in the kitchen.
Mr. Jernigan, follow me. Slowly.
Go, Doris.
Mr. Unger, go ahead.
Cover him, I'll cover the stairs.
I'm coming for you, shorty,
to pay you back...
...for all the misery you caused me.
What are you doing?
Kid's in the closet.
Scaring him a little,
just before I grab him.
And behind door number one!
I saw this door close.
Would I make it up?
Why? What's the point?
We working on commission here?
What's going on?
- Mrs. Pruitt from Washington Street?
- Yes?
Agent Stuckey, FBI.
I came to talk to your son.
You called about a computer chip
in a remote-control car?
Oh, God. It's Alex.
It's my other son. What's happened?
He may be in danger.
He's not here. He's at home.
Let's move.
Why is he in danger?
She asked you a question, sir.
I'm not at liberty to discuss it.
The "it" you're referring to
is my little brother.
He intercepted
a top-secret electronic device...
...stolen from
a Defense Dept. Contractor...
...by criminals working for
a North Korean terrorist organization.
Mr. Jernigan, come here.
Green-eyed lady, ocean lady
Moving every breaking wave that comes
Go, Doris, go!
Green-eyed lady, ocean lady
Moving every breaking wave that comes
Green-eyed lady, lovely lady
Strolling slowly towards the sun
Sorry, Charlie.
This just ain't your day.
Shut up.
- What?
- Don't move.
Run, shorty, run!
Come on, Doris.
The kid!
Doris, come on!
You little brat!
I got him!
You smacked my winkie.
If you changed your shorts, maybe
you wouldn't have rats in your pants!
Scraggy little rug rat!
Where is he?
Stay here, Doris.
He's been watching us the whole time.
He had a camera on us.
You won't find me up there, you
big, dumb, law-breaking knuckleheads!
He's outside.
Recognize this?
How'd he get outside?
The same way you will.
Jump! Go!
Don't push.
You're jumping onto a trampoline.
I presume you won't be joining us?
- No, I'll be covering you. Go!
- How comforting.
He's getting away!
This is a snap.
This is a snap.
Cold. Very cold.
Of course.
Here I come, you little brat.
Mrs. Hess!
Mrs. Hess.
You're okay. I'm here now.
...it's Alex, isn't it?
Today you learn something.
There is a price to be paid
for being a good citizen.
In your zeal to aid your neighbor,
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