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I'm not gonna feel sad or scared.
They're grown-up criminals...
...but this is my neighborhood
and this is my house.
No matter how old they are,
no matter how big they are...
...they can't beat me here.
They can't beat me at home.
Want to buy a little silence?
Double or nothing.
We're watching a major storm
bearing down on Chicago.
On the radar, you can see
the snow is increasing in intensity.
Heavy snow is forecasted.
Residents are urged
to stay indoors if possible.
Approaching target.
All clear.
Here we go, Doris.
First, we free the hostages.
Switching on the fiber optics.
Alex, can you get the door?
No answer.
Are we certain target has not left?
We would've seen.
I repeat, there is no movement inside.
Permission to enter.
Hey. Go home. Go home.
I need assistance. I'm exposed.
Maintain your position.
Do not, I repeat, do not
draw attention to yourself.
Pick her up.
We'll move in after the storm hits,
let Mother Nature cover our tracks.
This just came in from the Air Force.
Some kid named Pruitt called
the recruiting office in Chicago.
Said he found a computer chip
in a toy car.
We're going to Chicago.
Did you watch the weather?
- No problems. Your coat's there.
- I want to wear my brown one.
Go fill your commuter cup with coffee
and I'll get your coat for you.
Thanks, hon.
I'll make you a sandwich.
- Here's your coat.
- Thanks.
Sweetheart, I'm sorry about this week.
It breaks my heart to have to come
and go. It shouldn't be this way.
It's okay. It's not you.
It's the times.
Thanks, hon.
You have your beeper?
Great. I'll call every half-hour.
I'll go online and keep
the connection open all day.
I'll have my laptop
in all my meetings.
We'll be in contact at all times.
I have my cellular.
You've got my fax number.
We're wired.
Oh, my gosh. Did Mrs. Clovis call?
She was gonna stop by to confirm
that Bradley's name wasn't on the car.
She did when you were in the shower.
- You let her have it?
- Bigtime.
- I hope she felt foolish.
- It was painful.
Okay. Be good.
Be safe.
Keep an eye on the old place.
I got it all covered.
Here we go.
It's just you and me.
You mean there's someone else?
Get ready to rumble!
Play ball!
The old switcheroo.
- Come on.
- It's showtime!
If those are real, I'm an eagle.
Block the street.
- Hello.
- Hi, it's Karen Pruitt.
Could you check on Alex?
I'm just going out.
I'm at work and in a bind.
Well, how long?
It wouldn't be for more than an hour.
All right. No cooking.
"Call Mrs. Hess.
She's retired, what else
could she possibly be doing?"
Would they invite me to their house
for holiday eggnog? Of course not!
Look who woke up from her nap.
Crooks at 30 yards and closing.
Let the party begin.
Good afternoon.
We just moved into your neighborhood.
What do you want, a button?
A package was to be delivered to us,
but perhaps they brought it here.
Nope, not here.
They said no one answered the door
and the driver left it in the garage.
Sometimes they leave stuff
at the back door.
Why are you closing the door?
I left my heart in San Francisco.
It looks like he has the place
locked up pretty tight.
Jernigan, I think
I'm going to enjoy this.
It's been a long time
since I was a kid.
You forget how
incredibly stupid they are.
You be careful.
When kids get scared,
they wet their pants.
Mr. Unger?
I'm all right.
Mr. Unger, what are you doing?
Don't touch the yarn. It's wired.
Kid's got the place booby-trapped.
Make no assumptions.
Watch the mat.
This boy is clever.
Have you tried the door?
Not yet.
Let me point something out to you.
Missed that.
Stand clear.
Maybe he's not so clever.
I think we're just having an off day.
A thought for you to consider:
At airport security...
...make sure you have
the right package.
I certainly hope that you're not...
...fond of that little
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