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your mind, monkey butt?
Come on.
What's that funky smell?
I lost it.
Come on, go, go, go!
It's out of range!
I got it.
I see it.
Look out.
Jernigan, which direction?
It got past me.
It's heading south on Adams.
I'm right behind the little...
It's off the street,
going through back yards...
...heading west.
Alice, what's your position?
Fourth house. Moving to the alley.
It's going through the hedge.
Jernigan, position.
You're there.
- I got it!
- I got it!
Unger. What's your position?
Heading down Washington Street.
I didn't copy. Where?
I said, I'm heading to Wa...
Stop, you nitwit!
I don't see anything.
I'll look around.
I don't have it yet.
We're out of time. Give it up.
They got the tape.
Why'd they still chase the toy car?
It's not that expensive.
I'm sure they don't have
enough time to play with it.
Look, Doris.
Computer chip, huh?
Where'd you find it?
In a remote-control car I got
for shoveling snow for Mrs. Hess.
She lives across the street.
It says U.S. Air Force...
...but you have to look
under a magnifying glass to see.
Kid, a lot of toys have
"Air Force" written on it.
This is a recruiting office.
We don't handle this.
Can I give you the chip number
to give to the right guys?
You think we should tell Mom
about the chip?
I guess you're right.
The less they know, the better.
Those guys are bad news.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate
you hitting me with the van.
Never let emotions
get the best of you.
You should have been more vigilant.
You should have taken driver's ed.
It's a kid. It has to be a kid.
I'm gonna have bad knees when I'm old.
I'll have Jernigan to thank.
The cops come,
they don't believe him...
...he takes matters
into his own hands.
It can't be anything else.
If that's the case,
I say take no chances.
Tomorrow, whack every kid
in the neighborhood. Burn them.
Then look for that stupid car.
My thoughts keep turning
to number 3026.
It's within the operating radius
of the toy car.
It's in sight of all the houses.
- Hello?
- Do you have the missile chip?
We are close.
If I don't have the chip
in 24 hours, Mr. Beaupre...
...I will have
to terminate the mission...
...and nullify all the participants.
You understand, don't you?
Dad's home tomorrow.
I have my meeting from 12 till 5,
so I need you and Molly...
...to come straight home
to stay with Alex.
I can't. Impossible.
I have gymnastics.
- I have hockey.
- Do I need to repeat myself?
I thought you were getting Mrs. Hess.
She's a lot more responsible
than me and Stan.
Mrs. Hess is a backup.
Unless it's an emergency,
I don't want to call her.
I'll be fine alone.
There you have it. Settled.
Could you pass me the false alarms?
Sorry, I meant the peas.
He's been home with the chickenpox.
Alex, do you know a Bradley Clovis?
It's his mom.
Did you take a toy car from him?
He has one of those cars,
but he got it from a neighbor.
We have it.
What is the matter?
You don't disconnect my calls.
Don't talk to her.
- Why not?
- She's dangerous.
- What are you talking about?
- Lies.
They're all lies. It wasn't her.
What do you mean, it wasn't her?
Call her, you'll be surprised.
Outgoing call.
Hello, Clovis'.
- I beg your pardon. We just...
- I'm sorry.
Did I disconnect you, Karen?
No, it was me. We're renovating,
the phone lines are a mess.
They intercepted the phone call.
Listen, I didn't mean
to accuse your son.
I'm certain Bradley
just misplaced his toy car.
Kids. They lose something
and assume it's been stolen.
Little boys do have
wild imaginations, don't they?
Yes, they do.
They're gonna come after me tomorrow,
Doris. Nobody will listen.
Not my parents or Molly or Stan...
...or the police
or the Air Force. Nobody.
So, what do I do?
If that means hide, you're wrong.
If that means fight, you're right.
They'll understand when I'm done,
and know I was telling the
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