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's beginning to look a lot
like Christmas
Toys in every store
But the prettiest sight to see
Is the holly that will be
KEVlN: Hello?
DRlVER: Hello.
Know any good toy stores?
Yes, sir!
It's beginning to look a lot
Iike Christmas
Soon the bells will start
JOHNNY MATHlS: And the thing
that will make them ring
Is the carol that you sing
Right within your heart
HARRY: Get out of here!
Go on! Get out of here!
Beat it! Get out of here!
Get over here!
I got to talk to you!
MARV: Whoa! Whoa!
Would you like a scarf?
Forget the scarf, Marv.
We got to talk.
We don't have the equipment
to pull off anything big--
you know, your banks,
jewelry stores.
We don't want goods.
We need cash,
and we need it now.
MARV: How about, uh...
Tourists carry lots of cash.
There's no guarantees.
I got a better idea.
Stores don't deposit cash
on Christmas Eve.
The only stores
that'll have cash on hand...
are ones that deal
in moderate-priced goods.
MARV: Right...right.
HARRY: What stores make
lots of cash Christmas Eve...
that nobody's going to think
to rob?
Candy stores.
rob candy stores, Marv.
This is what I had in mind.
MARV: That's brilliant, Harry.
There's nobody dumb enough...
to knock off a toy store
on Christmas Eve.
Oh, yes, there is.
DRlVER: Here we are, sir...
Duncan's Toy Chest.
Merry Christmas, Kevin.
This is the greatest accident
of my life.
Marv. Marv!
Hey, nice house,
but there's no bathroom in it.
MARV: What's the plan?
HARRY: Everybody leaves
for a nice holiday off.
We come out
of our little houses...
Yeah, then what?
We empty the registers and
walk out like we own the joint.
Great plan, Harry!
MAN: Shake his hand.
CASHlER: Well, now thank you
and merry Christmas.
Say hello to the family.
Oh, yes. Let me see.
You shopping alone?
In New York?
Sir, I'm afraid
of my own shadow.
CASHlER: I was just checking.
That's very responsible of you.
CASHlER: Oh, well, thank you.
KEVlN: My pleasure.
CASHlER: That'll be $23.75.
My, my, my!
Where did you get
all that money?
Uh...I have a lot
of grandmothers.
Well, that explains it.
This is a really nice store--
one of the finer toy dealerships
I've ever visited.
CASHlER: Oh, well, thank you.
KEVlN: Mr. Duncan
must be a pretty nice guy...
Ietting all the kids
come into his store...
and play with his toys.
Most toy stores prohibit that.
-Oh, is that so?
Well, he loves kids.
As a matter of fact...
all the money
the store takes in today...
Mr. Duncan is donating it
to the Children's Hospital...
and the day after Christmas...
we empty all the money
in the cash register...
and Mr. Duncan just takes it
right down to the hospital.
That's very generous of him.
Well, children
bring him a lot of joy...
as they do to everyone
who appreciates them.
I'm not supposed to spend
this money...
but I have twenty dollars
from shoveling snow...
in a jar in our garage...
where my older brother
can't find it.
So I'll pay my mother back
with that.
You can give this
to Mr. Duncan.
The hospital
needs it more than I do.
Besides, I'll probably
spend it on stuff...
that'll rot my teeth
and my mind.
that's very sweet of you.
Eh...you see that tree there?
To show our appreciation
for your generosity...
I'm going to let you select
an object from that tree...
that you can take home with you.
-Oh, yeah.
CASHlER: Eh...may--
may I make a suggestion?
CASHlER: Take the turtledoves.
I could have two?
Well, two turtledoves.
I'll tell you what you do.
You keep one...
and you give the other one
to a very special person.
You see...
turtledoves are a symbol
of friendship and love.
As long as each of you
have your turtledove...
you'll be friends forever.
Wow! I never knew that.
I thought they were
just part of a song.
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