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Один дома 2: Затерянный в Нью-Йорке

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That's "S"...
HARRY: Shut it!
MARV: "T," uh...
Mr. Duncan, it's all over.
We apprehended the thieves,
and we recovered your money.
I want to get that money...
over to the Children's Hospital.
I'll handle it personally.
DUNCAN: Thank you very much.
Excuse me, Mr. Duncan.
I found this note.
Looks like a kid
broke your window.
KATE: Oh, excuse me.
I'm looking for my son.
He's this boy right here.
Excuse me. Please help me.
This boy right here,
have you seen him?
This one. Please?
I'm looking for my son.
He's been missing
for two days.
Have you filed a report?
KATE: Yes, of course we have.
Then trust us.
We'll handle it.
But I'm his mother.
I realize that, ma'am...
but you're looking
for a needle in a haystack.
Do you have kids?
Yes, ma'am.
And what would you do
if one of them was missing?
I'd probably be doing
the same thing you're doing.
Thank you.
Look, put yourself
in your kid's shoes.
Where would you go?
What would you do?
Me? I'd probably be lying dead
in a gutter somewhere.
Oh, but not Kevin.
No. Kevin is so much stronger
and braver than I am.
I know Kevin's fine.
I'm sure he is.
But he's still all by himself
in a big city...
and he doesn't deserve that.
He deserves to be at home
with his own family...
around his Christmas tree.
Oh, dear God.
I know where he is.
I need to get
to Rockefeller Center.
Hop in.
Thank you.
KEVlN: I know I don't deserve
a Christmas...
even if I did do a good deed.
I don't want any presents.
Instead, I want to take back...
every mean thing
I ever said to my family....
even if they don't take back
the things they said.
I don't care.
I'll love all of them...
including Buzz.
If I can only see one,
can I see my mother?
I'll never want another thing
as long as I live.
I just want my mother.
I know I won't see her
but promise me
I can see her again...
sometime, anytime.
Even if it's just once and only
for a couple of minutes.
I just need to tell her
I'm sorry.
Wow. That worked fast.
KATE: Oh, Kevin.
Mom, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
KEVlN: Merry Christmas, Mom.
Merry Christmas, sweetheart.
Thank you.
Let's go.
How'd you know I was here?
KATE: I know you
and Christmas trees...
and this is the biggest around.
KEVlN: Where's everybody else?
KATE: They're at the hotel.
They didn't like
the palm trees, either.
Holy smokes! It's morning!
It's Christmas morning, man.
Fuller, don't get your hopes up.
I don't think
Santa Claus visits hotels.
Are you nuts? He's omnipresent.
He goes everywhere.
Hey, guys, wake up!
It's Christmas!
Mom, Dad, it's Christmas!
FRANK: What?!
GlRL: What on earth?
JEFF: Come on. I wanna find out.
ROD: Oh, wow.
Where did it all come from?
Mom! Dad! You got to see this!
BUZZ: Are you sure
we're in the right room?
-Look at all this stuff!
-Oh, wow!
FRANK: Don't open any of mine.
I mean it.
Who's Mr. Duncan?
KATE: Duncan? I don't know.
All right.
Everyone just calm down.
Calm down. Hey, hey!
All right. Now...
if Kevin hadn't screwed up
in the first place again...
then we wouldn't be in this most
perfect and huge hotel room...
with a truckload
of all this free stuff...
I think it only fair...
that Kevin get to open up
the first present.
Then I'll go...
and the rest of you, and so on.
Merry Christmas, Kev.
Merry Christmas, Buzz.
PETER: Merry Christmas, Kevin.
FRANK: OK, Kevin!
All right! Merry Christmas!
Enough of this gooey sh--
show...of emotion.
Everyone, let's dig in!
-All right!
-Everybody, wait.
LESLlE: Save the paper.
We can use it next year.
Give me the bows.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas!
I got something for you.
What's this?
It's a turtledove.
I have one, you have one.
As long as we each
have a
Один дома 2: Затерянный в Нью-Йорке Один дома 2: Затерянный в Нью-Йорке

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