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our wisdom.
God has given us
a promised land,
a great ineritance.
Woe betide if ever
we turn our back on him.
Let us prepare a land
where a man may rise
to his true stature,
a land of the future,
a new kingdom
of the spirit.
what this country was...
Am I as you like?
His eyes.
You knew me
as I was
long ago.
I have never
truly been the man
I seem to you to be.
What does he say?
Come, let's sit
by the river.
I can't sleep
till I see you again.
Look up.
You have no evil.
I belong to you.
He knows.
Where am I?
Wait two months...
then tell her
I am dead.
Like that.
He's left you, Princess.
He told you
a pack of lies.
Forget about him.
I, uh, have some
terrible news.
Captain Smith
is dead.
He drowned
in the crossing.
He loved you
very much.
You have gone away
with my life.
Killed the god in me.
When first I saw her,
she was regarded
as someone finished,
broken, lost.
She seemed
barely to notice
the others about her.
Um, I would like to spend
the afternoon with you.
How do I ask?
A nature like yours
can turn trouble
into good.
All this sorrow
will give you strength
and point you
on a higher way.
Think of a tree,
how it grows
around its wounds.
If a branch breaks off,
it don't stop
but keeps reaching
towards the light.
We must meet
misfortune boldly
and not suffer it
to frighten us.
We must
act the play out,
then live our troubles down,
my lady.
April, May,
and June, July,
What is a day?
- A day?
- An hour?
An hour is
60 minutes.
Why does the earth
have colors?
Name this person.
Rebecca, I baptize thee
in the name
of the Father and the Son
and the Holy Ghost.
She has accepted
my invitation
- to work in the fields.
- For Rebecca.
She'll be missed.
She understands
the culture of tobacco.
She's a good lass.
The people were sorry
at her going.
The loss of my wife
and daughter
has led me to understand
her loss as well.
Hours pass,
she speaks
not a word.
Who are you?
What do you
dream of?
We're like grass.
Are you kind?
She weaves all things
I touched her
long ago...
without knowing
her name.
Suppose I asked you
to marry me.
What would you say?
Are you asking me?
Where would we live?
England, if you wish.
Perhaps that would be best.
We could...
well, you could forget your life
in this place.
Why do you
shrink from me?
Wort you say yes?
If you like.
This isn't
what I expected,
I'm sorry.
Why are you crying?
I suppose...
I must be happy.
You do not
love me now.
Someday you will.
I require and charge you
as you will answer
on the dreadful day of judgment
when the secrets
of all hearts are disclosed,
that if you know
any impediment
why you should not be
lawfully joined together
in matrimony,
you will confess it.
why can I not feel
as I should?
Once false,
I must not be again.
Take out the thorn.
He is like a tree.
He shelters me.
I lie in his shade.
Can I ignore
my heart?
What is from you
and what is not?
Great Sun,
I offer you thanks.
You give life
to the trees
and the hills...
to the streams
of water...
to all.
your love
is before my eyes.
Show me your way.
Teach me your path.
Give me
a humble heart.
We've had some
surprising news.
We've been invited
to England
by the king and queen.
There will be
a royal audience
in your honor.
You're known
to them all.
So, his first mate,
isn't it?
Gave him up to pirates
when his ship was stopped.
Five years before he could
get a commission.
Five years!
All them ships
went off to Newfoundland.
- Yes.
- Who would have guessed?
He poked around the north,
then he went home.
Captain Smith.
Yeah, he could
make you laugh.
Things are
different now.
Hmm. They've sent him
back to London.
What a shame. They say
he's done much for this place.
Captain Smith
is alive?
You saw him?
I cannot do

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