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We shall not return her kindness
by making her a captive!
Come, Argall,
threaten me!
Then I'd know
I was gonna live for 1,000 years.
She and her lot
are on the verge of killing us all.
I expect there will be
scarce a handful alive
when the boats return,
if they ever do.
You told us yourself that her father
regards her as no one else.
Or do you have
private reasons
for that attitude
of yours?
Return to your post.
The penalty for disobeying
an order of the president is hanging.
You're breaking the laws.
This is mutiny.
Me breaking the laws.
I have information
Smith here
is planning
to marry the wench
and make himself
King of Virginia.
You're no longer
in command, Smitty.
I shall wear
the medal now.
You've been derelict
in your duties to the king.
You've betrayed
these citizens of Jamestown.
I therefore
pronounce you unwon'thy
of being a member
of this colony.
You are no longer
in command, Smitty!
Oh oh oh,
high and mighty,
lord and ruler.
No! No!
We must have order, huh?
We can't have everyone
running around
giving themselves
airs and graces,
'cause then... then we
would have chaos! Huh?
- Scream.
- Come near.
- Getting the strokes.
- Come near me.
You say... you say,
''Friend, friend, dear friend... ''
- You touch me now.
- ''I pray to the gods
for your good health
for the rest of my life. I will.''
No man shows me disrespect.
In all things
may I stand by you.
Put him to hard labor.
Send him to the forest
to hew fresh timbers for the walls.
Set him by the heels
each night when he's done,
that through
the long watches
he might reflect
on his transgressions.
Oh Mother,
has he sent
this ship for me?
Conscience is nuisance.
A fly,
a barking dog.
If you don't believe
you have one,
what trouble
can it be to you?
you are my strength,
or I have none.
Throw us
your forward line!
Steady she is.
The president.
Yes, I neglected
to tell you.
The captairs no longer
occupying that post.
He will be able
to explain the reasons
better than I.
It's the princess.
This will be
your house, my lady.
Reverend Whitaker,
the one what lived here,
well, he is...
he's dead and gone now, so...
The ships returned,
firing their cannons,
causing the naturals
to sue for peace.
The tide now swung
to the English side.
They said they were
going to fetch you.
I was against it.
I didn't want
to harm you.
And now there's
disaster all around us.
We should have stopped
before it was too late.
What is right?
Who is this man?
all is perfect.
Let me be lost.
You flow through me
like a river.
Follow me.
O Lord, thank you.
Very well.
Leave us alone.
You wish to bring charges
against this man?
Are you sure?
Well, fine then,
enough of your
quarrels. Be off.
I have news
for you.
The king wants you
to return to England
to prepare an expedition
of your own...
to chart
the northern coasts
to see if you might find
a passage to the Indies.
I remember when you had
sight and ambition.
Shall you not
press on?
Shall you be
a discoverer of passages
which you yourself
refuse to explore
beyond the threshold
that is?
King has great hopes
for you.
Um, she's to take
care of you now.
Uh, my name's Mary.
And yours,
I believe is...
Oh no, um, she says that's not
her name anymore.
She hasn't got
a name.
Oh, how unfortunate.
Well, we shall have
to give you one!
Rub with the towel.
I will find joy
in all I see.
Just little steps.
We shall lose
not only our lives
and our land,
but our eternal
Look beyond
these gates.
Eden lies
about us still.
We have escaped
the Old World
and its bondage.
Let us make
a new beginning
and create a fresh example
for humanity.
We are the pioneers
of the world,
the advance guard
sent on through the wilderness
to break a new path.
And our youth is
our strength,
and our


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