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river's empty.
We wanna go back
to England. Please, can we?
Please can we go back
to England, please?
- Where's Captain Newport?
- Gone for sure. There's nothing to eat.
Captain Newport
will be back shortly.
- Does he have food?
- He'd better.
- When will we go back to England?
- We're starving.
When will we go...
they're eating all the dead.
Do you believe
in ghosts, Captain?
People don't care
about the Indians no more.
Don't put yourself
in danger.
You don't have to do
anything else...
for us.
Why have you
not come to me?
I know, my love.
Don't trust me.
You don't know
who I am.
Thank you.
God be with you.
God bless.
May Almighty God bless you.
May God be with you.
Thank you,
thank you, thank you.
Thank you kindly.
Who are you
whom I love?
There's something I know
when I'm with you
that I forget
when I'm away.
Tell me, my love,
did you wish for me
to come back and live with you again?
My true light.
Can love lie?
My America.
Where are you,
my love?
That fort is not
the world.
The river leads
back there.
It leads onward too.
Into the wild.
Start over.
Exchange this false life
for a true one.
Give up
the name of Smith.
They do not intend to leave.
Who gave them the seed?
Come away.
You must tell me why.
They can't hear.
I've sent them away.
He sees
you mean to stay.
They're coming.
Make peace with him.
He won't accept peace.
Why would he?
- Come away.
- And where would we live?
In the woods?
On a treetop?
A hole
in the ground?
You have to come
with me...
into the fort.
Your people will know you came here.
They'll find out
soon enough.
Go! On the double,
God save the king!
- Port your pikes!
- God save the king!
- Port your pikes!
- God save the king!
And on the Swiss step,
- march!
- St. George,
St. George, St. George!
- Prepare to stand!
- St. George, St. George!
- Stand!
- St. George, St. George!
Musketeers advance!
Hold the ground!
Hold together, men!- You're like a herd of deer!
- What are you waiting for?
How can you own land?!
This earth was made
for such that shall improve it
and knows how to live!
They have no sound, sir,
but I couldn't...
Fire on him!
What are you waiting for?
Fire on him!
You heathen bastards!
Please don't. Please. Please.
Seeds of sulfur!
Sons of fire!
Devils in the mouth of hell!
Please don't.
Please don't. Please don't.
Fall back!
turn not away Thy face.
You desire not
the death of a sinner.
I have gone away
from You.
I have not harkened
to Your voice.
Let us not be brought
to nothing.
- Gather reinforcements!
- They're climbing up the wall!
You were the light of my life.
My joy.
I cannot give you over to die.
I am too old to bear it.
Forgive me, father.
I am sending you away.
This is the last time
we shall speak.
You are no longer my child.
Tell him.
The princess is
up the river at Pastancy.
They sent her
to her Uncle Patowomeck,
lord of the naked devils
of that region
and, by the by,
an acquaintance of mine.
So I get talking to His Nibs, and he
proposes to sell her.
He says with her
at the fort,
the emperor will not dare attack us.
He dotes on her.
You're certain
she's the one you saw?
With these eyes.
I spoke to the king directly.
And what does this rogue
propose to sell her for?
Well, I was getting to that.
His most favorite thing is combs.
But in this case, he seems
to have his heart set on a kettle.
You know, a copper kettle,
like my mother had for making stew.
What use he means to make
of the instrument I cannot say.
We don't take
King James
would not approve.
- You'd rather see us annihilated?
- She's done enough for us.
She risked a beating in
of her own brains to save mine.
Had she not fed us,
you would have starved.
She's been the instrument
to preserve this colony from disaster.
- Flesh fly!
- She and her..


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