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which bring officials only disrepute.
No speeches, Smith.
Things are different now.
We can't allow cheek.
Allow cheek, and we
shall have chaos.
I wear the medal now.
I am President,
and you have been stripped
of your captaincy.
Are you qualified
to pass judgment on me?
Well, that really needrt concern us
at the moment.
'Tis a pity
you were not here
at the time of your trial
to defend yourself.
I presume
you were too afraid,
too guilty to return.
- My trial?
- Yes.
You were indicted
upon a chapter in Leviticus
and tried during the period
of your desertion.
Our law
is speedy here.
Been keeping all the good food
for himself, Smith.
Giving us
rotten corn.
You, sir, have no other
eyes and ears
than those which grow
on Smith's head here.
He does nothing but tend his
own pot, his spit and oven.
I have shared all.
I have kept nothing for myself.
- Nothing!
- His name is not even Wingfield.
It's Woodson.
Woodson is the name.
Left England
under a cloud of disgrace.
Seize them.
Seize them!
Any man impeding
the punishment of these rogues
will be dealt with harshly.
There's no sense in waiting for a trial.
This is mutiny.
I dispatch you herewith
in the name of the king.
Dead as an herring.
Serves him right.
I can ratify
what Mr. Argall said.
Were we in England
I should be ashamed to let my servant
- keep company with such fellows.
- You never had a servant.
You were a servant.
I ate a single chicken,
and that when I were ill.
Small here has eaten six,
a number of which
he could not be troubled to cook.
I say it's Captain Smith
should lead us.
Tell her.
Tell her what?
It was a dream.
Withdraw! March!
Now I am awake.
- March!
- St. George! St. George!
St. George, St. George.
Don't push and shove now.
Watch it!
St. George,
St... St. George.
St. George.
I let her love me.
I made her love me.
And what was your
disagreement about?
He said today is
the 15th of October.
I said the 17th.
I must.
You were fighting
about the day
of the year?
Damnation is like this.
Didrt I tell you to dig a new well
farther from the shore?
Why hasn't this
been done?
Every man will stop
what he's doing right now
and start digging the well!
Those of you
that can't carry
the dirt in buckets
shall carry it
with your own hands!
He that will not work
shall not eat!
The labors of honest
and industrious men
shall not be consumed
to maintain the idleness of a few!
The country is to them
a misery,
a death,
a hell.
Mind yourself, mate.
While they starve,
they dig for gold.
There is no talk,
no hope, no work
but this.
If there's so much gold,
why don't the naturals have any?
You're chasing a dream.
You see what men
they've sent us.
A headless multitude.
They will not sow corn
for their own bellies.
They will rather eat their fish raw
than go a stone's throw
and fetch some wood
to dress it.
Bad water.
Sturgeon gone.
- Mutterings.
...the waste cities, they shall
live in them. They shall plant vineyards
and drink the wine.
In that day...
- Love good and hate evil!
- I will raise up the tent of David...
and close up
the breaches of his tent.
Take away from me
the noise of your music
and your songs,
so I will not hear
- the melody of thy harp.
- The Lord has given the command,
and He will smash them...
large house into pieces
and the small house
into bits!
Somebody should shoot
Small there.
He hasn't got a ghost of a chance,
and he'll contaminate us all.
He used Wortham's spoon...
now Wortham's gone,
my friend.
Have we got to wait
till all is dead?
Sir, Ackley's dead.
Somebody ate
his hands.
Went out in the height
of style, anyhow.
Such tranquility,
you'd think
he could speak.
I shall miss him.
I think we all shall.
We're 8 now.
To go back up that river.
To love her
in the wild.
What holds you here?
What are your intentions
towards her?
Towards them?
There's nothing in the river.

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