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on the mud, sir.
Keep your
matchlock lit.
Fire a shot
if you see anything.
The sun.
And the moon
as well.
It shows you how the sun
chases the night
continually around the world.
The sky? No.
From England, a land
to the east.
There won't be any leaving
till the spring.
The boats
won't be back till then.
We have...
articles that might
interest you.
At the moment
I was to die,
she threw herself
upon me.
Spare his life.
We must drive them away,
while they are still few.
If they do us no harm,
why should we care?
It's only a bit of
swampland they want.
For now.
But what will they take
in times to come?
He can teach her about
the land across the waves.
If they do not leave...
...we shall drive them
into the sea.
Wind. Wind.
All the children
of the king were beautiful,
but she, the youngest,
was so exceedingly so
that the sun himself,
though he saw her often,
was surprised whenever she came out
into his presence.
Her father had
a dozen wives,
100 children,
but she was
his favorite.
She exceeded the rest
not only in feature and proportion,
but in wit
and spirit too.
All loved her.
They are gentle,
lacking in all guile
and trickery.
The words
denoting lying,
deceit, greed,
envy, slander
and forgiveness
have never been heard.
They have no jealousy,
no sense of possession.
what I thought
a dream.
Promise me -
You will put your people
before all else.
I know myself.
Even your own heart.
He is not one of us.
Shall we deny it
when it visits us?
Shall we not take
what we are given?
There is only this.
All else is unreal.
where do you live?
In the sky?
The clouds?
The sea?
Show me your face.
Give me a sign.
We rise.
We rise.
Afraid of myself.
A god,
he seems to me.
What else is life
but being near you?
Do they suspect?
Oh, to be given
to you...
you to me.
I will be faithful
to you.
Two no more.
I am.
I am.
The king announced
that I was free.
He was
sending me back
and on the understanding
that when spring came
we were to go back
to where we came from.
His chiefs
had advised him to kill me.
I had gained a knowledge
of their arms,
their strong places.
But his daughter assured him
I was a good man.
I should tell people
that though the naturals lived in peace,
they yet were strong
and would not suffer their land
to be taken away.
There was no sea
beyond the mountains,
only a land
stretching away forever
in great meadows.
A land
which had no end.
Captain Smith.
You're back.
The savages will have
to stop here, Captain.
- Where have you been?
- It's like seeing a ghost.
Yeah, you look like you've
come back from the dead.
What's happened here?
Where's Captain Radcliffe?
- No word. Gone.
- Shut your mouth!
- You shoulda never trusted him.
- People say he went over to England.
- We're starving.
- Did you bring food?
- I brought food.
- Someone got killed. Just fell over.
Four months of stealing and
stealing and stealing and stealing.
- Look at him. Bastard.
- Get up!
Gambling. They bowl
- while the houses fall down.
- Gambling.
- Look at the church. We don't even...
- All the sickness that's been
- coming in from the marsh.
- Who's taking care of you?
- No one.
- That's all it is,
- just dying and sickness and all that.
- Hey, I saw a body
- in the mud.
- You're a liar!
- I saw a leg in the bed.
- You are a liar!
- Four people died last night...
- Why was the leg in the bed?
...and they're eating 'em.
- Why was the leg in the bed?
Thieves! Jackals!
Lash their feet!
You're looking
rather well, Smith.
Been enjoying yourself,
have you?
Been enjoying yourself
I expect.
You were sent to relieve
our situation,
not to pleasure yourself.
We here have suffered.
I'll ignore the stories


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