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Who did you leave behind?
Thieves, prostitutes and murderers
have taken over Paris!
I left my girl behind.
She won't survive over there.
They take away your land and divide it.
No violence.
We will solve everything peacefully.
Friends! Let us sing the hymn
of a free France:
the Marseillaise!
Arise, children of the fatherland
The day of glory has arrived
Against us, tyranny
Let blood flow!
To Paris!
the 49th day of battle
The Commune has been
surrounded and cut off.
The enemy has broken through!
This sitting is over.
the new Babylon
the bourgeoisie looks on
from a hill at Versailles
Let their blood flow in Paris!
You're lying.
We are not French!
We are communards!
Your deputies are done for.
You want Paris?
The old Paris?
the new Babylon
Be the boss?
peace and order is restored in Paris
peace and order
Long live the Commune
peace and order
Our army has brought peace and order!
I'm completely wet because of that rabble!
And so you wanted to be the boss?
I'll show you who's boss.
I'll show you.
May tainted blood water our fields
Where did they take the prisoners?
The French soldier is tall and strong!
He once conquered half the world.
He will conquer the whole world.
Where did they bring the prisoners?
He will conquer the whole world.
It's prohibited to beg in cafs.
the trial
Admit, you prostitute...
that you led a wild life during the Commune.
Take this shovel and dig a grave!
They shoot us as if we were arsons...
We will meet again, Jean!
We're off to our Paris!
We, the communards!
Long live the Commune!
Long live the Commune!

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