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Новый Гулливер

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weapons and ammunition to use against Gulliver immediately!
I hear that, mister chief of the police!
These weapons are to be used agains Gulliver...let's warn him.
Let's warn Gulliver.
Let's warn him.
Guys, leave me in peace!
Come on, guys!
Was it you who woke me up?
Quieter, Petya! Spies are around! They can hear us.
How do you know me?
Form your exercize-book.
Oh, native language.
That language is our mother tongue, too.
I'm from workers of underground factory.
Finally! Greetings!
Petya, beware!
[they] want to kill you.
Everything is going well. Ammunition will be prepared.
What? 100? - Little. - 200? - Little. - 300? - Little.
So remeber, be prepared tomorrow.
Always ready!
Come here at once!
Gulliver knows everything.
Workers warned Gulliver.
Here, to me! - I hear.
What will we do now?
Poison Gulliver!
And workers? - Workers...
...with machine guns.
Abandon the work!
Riot at military factory!
Workers are occupying arsenal!
Police is in no power to prevent it.
My greetings!
We're celebrating king's birthday.
Let's drink on the health of his highness.
Pioneer...Gulliver doesn't smoke and drink.
But we have such tradition!
Well, if tradition...
He drank it!
It seems he's done.
We've finished off the main man. Now - the rebels.
Secret. To commander of southern squad.
Set bombs all along the battlefront. Retreat to the sea
thus luring the enemy onto the minefield.
Blow up bombs at my command. General commander Povstaniev.
Victory! Victory! Tanks have driven rebels to the sea.
Royal fleet is ready to use force.
Blow up the bombs!
It's all over. We're defeated.
God, save the throne.
God, save the labour.
I pronounce open the meeting of free lilliputs!
Well? You're awake, traveller?
Guys, how big you are!
What a big life!
Новый Гулливер

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