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Agreed on:
Opinons differ.
Kill! Kill! Kill! Immediately!
Bombs! Soldiers! Dynamite! Machine guns! Very cheap!
No, let's start trading in! Gullivers needs food, wine, cloath...
Killed him! Killed him!
Quiet! The king speaks!
I, the great king of lilliputs,
my fellow men, live in constant care about your well-being...
Get Gulliver to where he came from!
Stop interrupting the king!
...live cheating the nation, cheating the nation, cheating the nation...
The king has decided.
Gulliver will become our soldier.
Attention! Get ready!
Three, four!
Long live the wise king!
Gulliver is being conveyed!
Wake up Gulliver!
Wake [him] up!
His Highness, the king!
Your Higness, be a hero!
What a sneeze!
[Little] men...
How small!
Yes, we are placable, but if you will continue to shout so loud king will become angry.
How scary!
Quiet, you! Piano pianissimo! Our drum membranes are bursting!
OK then. Sorry. I won't do that anymore.
Your Highness, pardon him. He's apologising and he won't
do that anymore.
Where am i? Who you are?
King will speak now!
We are great, we are mighty,
bigger than the sun, higher than the clouds
but don't be afraid of our talking,
we're very placable folk.
Placable folk?
I don't see any folk, only soldiers.
Soldiers for making the nature beautiful.
Soldiers for making the folk scared.
Oh, so! Perhaps, you want to [scare] me, too!
Yes, yes, and we accept you as our soldier, too.
Yes, yes, as a soldier.
As a royal soldier?
No way!
What "pipes"?
He agrees. He wants [to hear] an orchestra.
Let's blow pipes for him!
Comrades! I pronounce this meeting of workers of underground factory open!
Regardless of all, we begin revolt tomorrow!
But what if man-mountain will be fighting for them?
Then he will fall together with them.
Right! We will bring down any mountain.
Comrades, in the box is notebook of man-mountain.
Wonderful. Let's read it and discover what he is.
Exercise-book in russian language of
Petya Konstantinov
Hail to the wise union of workers all around the world!
Unseen show! Feeding of Man-Mountain! Conveyor of food!
1000 cows, 1000 sturgeons, 1000 cooks!
Whole royal court participates in the event. Splendid concert!
King's favourite Fo-Lya conducts the programme.
Baloons! Baloons!
They will fly un to the mountain!
Backup drum membranes!
Natural ???
See for yourself disbelievers!
Here is Gulliver!
Five at a time!
Yeah, that's an appetite!
Just look at [his] mouth!
Folk? Where's folk? Don't let folk!
Don't worry, i've taken the necessary measures.
I find him very suspicious...
Let's try to sidetrack his attention.
And then?
Then to attract his attention.
I announce private concert in honour of our high guest!
Royal corps de ballet!
Do something to amuse him!
In a moment!
Royal dwarfs - microputs.
Dwarfs at your place?
Give [them] closer!
Why do you beat them!
So that they would work better.
Do you beat everybody who works for you?
Don't talk nonsense! We don't...lay our hands on anybody.
I want to know how your folk is living.
Please, please...song about how we're living.
Under king's wise guidance earth is in bloom,
fields are in bloom and we are singing
Our folk is content with life,
it always sings and doesn't expect tears.
...we have no worries, we have no worries.
She's lying!
Perhaps, you can sing more veritable?
Let's give it a try.
Horn is blowing, we're youth of the nation,
we're growing up in world of labour.
Blow, horn, under the sun of freedom!
Pioneers' star is burning.
Horn is blowing. Fly to distant lands, our call!
Blow, horn, over all oceans flies wave of our songs.
Horn is blowing. We will change the land.
Blow, horn, so that in future world lived free and happy man.
Workers all around the world, rise up!
I haven't received such note yet.
I said: kill him immediately.
Let's do so.
Such petty souls!
Новый Гулливер Новый Гулливер

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