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Regarding me, lovebound
Sped by desire
And returning
To the certainty of his fur
This was a cat on the doorway?
"The certainty of his fur."
- You liked it?
- I like it very much.
Very much.
I like especially the fact
that you remember his poems.
Well, that's...
That's all I wanted to say.
And if there's anything
you have to tell me...
...I know that you will.
You told me before that you
wanted to quit your job.
If you want to, it's all right.
I'll miss you.
It's all right. Get a good sleep.
Good night.
So this is college?
I didn't miss nothing.
A plane is waiting to take us
to Miami in an hour.
Don't make a big thing about it.
I know it was you, Fredo.
You broke my heart.
"You broke my heart."
"It was you, Fredo."
A moment of epiphany.
Michael Corleone kisses his brother.
An astonishing image...
...at once suggestive of love,
inversion, power...
...and in this world of duplicity
and corruption...
...is there anything more important
than loyalty...
- No.
...to friends...
...to family?
And who deserves our loyalty?
I need Clark Kellogg for a second.
You need Clark Kellogg for a second?
Why, may I ask, is it so urgent?
I'm Carmine Sabatini's daughter, Tina.
- Jimmy the Toucan?
- Nobody calls him that.
Just one second.
Up, Mr. Kellogg!
- I'll be right back.
- No hurry. I'm quite impressed.
Jimmy the Toucan?
He's quite a remarkable person.
I'm sure he is. Can I meet him?
That's a long shot.
My father thinks Clark
is an A student.
- He's a fine young man.
- My father said an A student.
- Absolutely! A, A+!
- Okay.
Have a wonderful time.
Give my best to your dad.
Jimmy the Toucan!
Are you out of your skull?
- I was helping!
- I don't need help.
Fine. So I won't.
Where are we going?
Vic waved.
That's nice.
Everybody skate, come on.
Sir, we have to talk.
Pull them off. We gotta talk?
I have important things
to bring up with you.
- Do you have the clothes?
- In the locker room.
Get the clothes and change.
And then you'll drive us out.
Drive where?
We're going to go to the Gourmet Club.
This is Friday.
I have to talk to you first.
- We'll talk in the car.
- You promise?
Every word I say, by definition,
is a promise.
Come on.
Driving a Porsche
had always been appealing...
... until now.
"- Do you read" Newsweek"?"
- Sometimes.
I'm very worried
about this ozone business.
I'm really very concerned.
I have to talk to you.
You wanted to talk to me last night,
but couldn't do it.
I knew it would take you a day.
The feds are after me.
- You get their names?
- Greenwald and Simpson.
They said they'd put me in jail unless
I led them to the Gourmet Club.
- They won't send you to jail.
- They won't?
They're gonna blow your brains out.
I want to say you have done
an outstanding job.
Thank you. We appreciate it.
They work for the Bonelli family...
...out of South Amboy.
- Not for the government?
They do, but they're on the take
for the Bonellis.
- Staggering, isn't it? The corruption.
- Yeah, the corruption is...
- He's driving around with mobsters.
- College kid. It's upsetting.
These guys are after you
for the Bonellis...
...and they just used me.
- And once they get you...
- Then they hit you.
My God! This is terrible.
That's the way it's done.
I'm sorry I got you into this...
...but you're in it and we'll
get you out of it.
My God!
He had a way out.
A plan to entrap Greenwald
and Simpson...
... and get him out
of the endangered-species racket.
Hint. It involved using me
and the lizard as bait.
This would be the final dinner
of the fabulous Gourmet Club.
Ladies and gentlemen...
...your cohost for this evening,
Mr. Carmine Sabatini.
With him are his daughter,
Tina, and her fianc Clark Kellogg...
...from the great state of Montana.
Let's have a


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