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but I'm not ready.
I'd like to sample life a little bit first.
Wait. After you get married,
you sample life.
This is what men do.
Marriage is an institution.
It's the bedrock of society.
What you're talking about
is a little va-voom.
This is self-understood.
I'm talking about social order.
Try to put yourself in my position.
I wish I could, Clarkie.
You're such a beautiful boy.
- Know why I'm so nuts about you?
- I don't, no.
Because you're not a sneak.
You come down to my club.
You open your heart to me.
You say what's on your mind.
That's how I know
you won't be a snake.
A snake in the grass.
That's how I know
you'll be loyal to me...
...until death.
Until death.
Like a real son.
Oh, I don't know.
The son I never had.
I got an engagement present for you.
It's not much, but it's from my heart.
For me?
You're a lucky guy.
Take it for a little spin.
Go pick up Tina.
She's waiting at school.
I understand.
Sometimes in life...
...these emotions are beyond words.
Go ahead.
College of the Sacred Virgin in Queens.
Let's move it.
He kissed me on the mouth.
You know how big this is?
The kiss of all kisses.
The highest! You're in for life!
It's like we're brothers.
God bless you.
Anything wrong with it,
we'll get you another.
You have fun.
Say when.
Screw this.
Turn right. Right!
He's parking?
I want it to be very conventional,
Oh, hi, Clark!
We have to talk.
This is Father Frank
of the music department.
We're discussing wedding music.
"Ave Maria" for the recessional...
Excuse us.
Of course. Congratulations, my son.
Thank you, Father.
- You're hurting me.
- I'm tense.
- I was involved in a car chase.
- And?
And? No "and."
This is part of your life,
but not mine.
People are flashing their lights at me.
I have to get away.
- It's just part of a working day.
- It is not!
You weren't forced
to commit to my father.
It's beyond commitment.
It's like slavery.
People telling me who to marry!
- You don't want to marry me?
- I don't want to marry anybody yet.
So we'll wait.
We don't have to rush into anything.
I know that you'll wait for me.
You're part of the family permanently.
Your father kissed me.
Vic says I'm in for life.
- You are.
- I'm not!
It's a fluke.
I got ripped off by this Vic.
And I caught up to him. What?
You think it was an accident
that you "caught up" to him?
You were chosen, Clark.
You were hand-picked.
- And it is the greatest honour.
- What are you saying?
Vic has great instincts about people.
He saw you where? Grand Central?
- It was a setup?
- "Setup" is so negative.
There are so many levels to this.
I just want my life back.
I can't talk to you
when you're so hysterical.
What is the deal? What is it?
Am I some kind of dupe?
They looked in my yearbook
and found a chump?
Are you serious? A dupe?
You think I'd marry a dupe?
Everybody's talking about the job
you're doing. It's all over town.
Larry London called my father.
He said how bright you were.
How gentle. How perceptive.
If you weren't all those things...
...would Vic be out now
getting you a gun permit?
I don't need a gun permit!
You will if you'll be carrying a gun.
People are chasing you.
That's quite a story. Charming.
I can't take it so lightly, sir.
It has a real film-noir quality.
Smuggling lizards into New Jersey.
If it was done right,
black and white, grainy...
...sort of "Kiss Me Deadly."
It's my life, not a film idea.
They are the same when perceived
through the twin lenses...
Clark Kellogg.
I'm Chuck Greenwald.
This is Lloyd Simpson.
We're from
the Department of Justice...
...Fish and Wildlife Division.
We've been looking for you.
- This is what I'm talking about.
- I know nothing about it.
We were discussing a film project.
Oh, God, I'm late.
Excuse me, please.
Mr. Kellogg.
This is actually a federal office?
We're undercover, Mr. Kellogg.
Special agents.

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