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If you count it, I won't mind.
That won't be necessary.
I trust you and Mr. Sabatini.
That means,
"My heart swims in blood."
That's a Bengal tiger,
ladies and gentleman.
Something is way off.
Way off.
How are you, darling?
How's New York?
I miss you too. Like crazy...
...at the risk of sounding like a mother.
No, he's asleep, thank God. Why?
Well, the thing is I got this job.
New York is unbelievably expensive.
I had to.
It involved driving...
...and picking up a reptile.
What kind of a reptile?
I don't...
- It's a Komodo dragon.
- Who? Komodo dragon?
- I never heard of it.
- Then could you look it up?
- Komodo? Is that with a K?
- Right.
Komodo dragon. Here.
"Latin name is" Varanus komodoensis.
Main prey are deer and wild pig.
There are seven dragons
in zoos outside Indonesia. "
- Oh, my God! Oh, Clark.
- What?
"Chances for survival
are considered hopeless."
It's an endangered species.
My God.
- Are you sure?
- There's a red asterisk next to it.
That means virtually extinct.
- What's this job?
- Never mind, I'll quit.
A Komodo dragon.
Don't worry. I didn't know.
That's him.
You sure?
Absolutely. That's Dwight Armstrong's
stepson. Unbelievable.
Is Mr. Sabatini here?
Yes. Come in.
Charlie, wait a minute.
General Motors went down 10 points,
and you didn't call?
What about Polaroid?
It went down?
Down what?
I told you before,
I don't like it when they go down.
I used to have another broker.
He bought stocks for me
that went down.
And it got very unpleasant.
Very unpleasant.
Wait a minute. That's right.
Next time you call me,
I want to hear good news.
Right? That's only good news.
I must be getting soft.
Business in this country
is run by children, not men.
Anyway. Forget it.
- A nice espresso?
- No, thank you.
Sir, I have to talk to you.
I want to tell you something.
Larry London called me.
He couldn't stop talking.
He went on and on.
He's a very interesting man.
- I heard of the adventure at the mall.
- You did?
Of course.
Clark, what's on your mind?
I have to talk to you.
It's about these...
- It's about these reptiles.
- What about them?
They're endangered.
Not anymore. They're fine in Jersey.
It's against the law
to bring them here.
It's a crime.
You're speaking in generalities.
You said my work here was legitimate.
It's perfectly legitimate.
No, it's not.
I'm illegally transporting
endangered species.
Please, sir,
I'd like to be let out.
This is an impossibility.
What do you mean?
I have a certain standing in business.
How would it look, some college kid
making me look like a fool?
This is humiliation.
It's "infamia."
Know what people will say?
"What's wrong with him?"
You understand what I'm saying?
I'd never tell a soul.
It wouldn't leave this club.
I only meant that...
- Are you trying to hurt my feelings?
- No.
That's not the issue at all.
I'm going to tell you something
from my heart.
You're a great boy.
You are one of a kind.
Thank you.
The kind of kids I used to have
working for me, the mooks...
...the muscleheads.
But you, you're from Connecticut.
It's nothing personal.
It's not you.
In any discussion
about our relationship...
...we won't forget
the most important thing.
Which is...?
You marrying my daughter.
You should have heard Tina.
Clark this, Clark that.
She wants to get married yesterday.
I said, "Wait for spring.
Planning takes time."
The food, place, time of year.
Who to invite, who not to invite.
That's important.
You got to figure that my
business associates alone...
...must be 2000 people.
Not including the senators,
congressmen, judges.
And don't forget the police.
But you know, love.
Love doesn't ask
these questions, right?
Yeah, I guess.
Come outside.
I got a little surprise for you.
Come on.
I don't know where this talk
of marriage began,

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