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so unbelievably cute.
I'll see you again.
I could just eat you up.
Good luck tomorrow.
You boys need me?
- You Leo?
- I am Big Leo.
- It just says Leo.
- We are the same. Leo and Big Leo.
- You're synonymous.
- That's right.
Okay, come with me.
You don't bring it out?
No. Not this I don't.
"Not this I don't."
Remember those words.
Not very encouraging.
Here it is. All yours.
It arrived this morning
on the redeye from Borneo.
I'm going to puke my guts out.
- What is it?
- A lizard.
- That thing is a lizard?
- They call it the Komodo dragon.
Lives in Indonesia, Sumatra,
Komodo Island, in point of fact.
And tell Mr. Sabatini that this one...
...was eight bills extra.
- Excuse me?
Just tell him. He'll understand.
Sign here by the X.
- That's me.
- You're the recipient.
Put him in the back seat
with the windows open.
The gills need fresh air.
He doesn't have any gills.
Whatever. That's what I was told.
Fresh air.
And make sure you get
a seat belt on him, because...
...if he jumps on you...
...you got major troubles.
Major troubles.
Down, boy.
It's not a dog.
You know what?
We got to pick him up.
Pick him up.
- With what?
- With our hands.
It's not that bad.
I'll help you,
but I won't risk my life.
- Help. For God's sake.
- Sorry.
- I refuse to handle this animal.
- He's going under the truck.
- Get the door.
- You locked it, remember?
Take him.
Just for a second.
You're the recipient.
If he stains my suit, I'll be pissed.
Could you take any longer?
Okay, you go around
and get the other side.
Major trouble.
Put the seat belt on him.
- You're joking.
- I'm not joking.
This is precious cargo,
this freaking thing.
- What seat belt?
- Put him in this one.
Seat belts.
- Under his armpit.
- What armpit?
This lizard armpit.
Oh, that lizard armpit. I see.
You know...
- I think he's okay.
- Let's go.
Happy as a clam.
- Use the air conditioner.
- He said to leave them open.
Who? Haystack Calhoun? What is he?
A zoologist? I'll take responsibility.
All right.
I told you he'd throw up.
I have to open the windows.
It's murder.
Feeling better? Tummy ache all gone?
- It stinks in here.
- I can't take it.
We have to wash it off.
Pull into that gas station.
Excuse me. Hello.
- I need some water. A hose.
- Around the corner. Help yourself.
This way. It's around the back.
He went under a car.
You go that way.
Owner of the reptile,
report to the information booth.
- Don't panic.
- What if I can't find him?
Leave the country for 10 years.
You're kidding? I'm serious!
Security to Concourse B.
Okay, go.
I'm losing him.
I'm afraid now.
Mr. London?
It's here!
- Are you Edward?
- I am.
Oh, what a beautiful specimen.
Has this bad boy been swimming?
We took him right here
from the airport.
They just love swimming pools.
I told him he is
very disobedient dragon.
For joke.
It's a good joke. Very unusual.
Without humour, what do we have?
Beautiful, yes?
- This is like a zoo?
- This is like a zoo.
Can you believe this?
- So, do you exhibit rare animals?
- On occasion.
Who are these boys?
Carmine said one boy...
...here are two.
This is Mr. Larry London.
- Mr. London, I'm Clark Kellogg.
- Carmine said one boy...
...here are two.
I realize that, sir. We are two boys,
as you quite rightly point out.
However, I'm somewhat
new to the area...
...and this particular parcel
was quite bulky...
...so at the suggestion of Tina...
- Ah, die schne Tina.
The beautiful Tina.
Yes, the beautiful Tina.
If there was a misunderstanding...
Carmine said one boy...
...and here are two.
You gotta like this guy.
Smells like basil.
Very good.
A cream basil sauce.
You're a chef?
I wasn't clear what you did.
Now you'll get your money.
The money...
The money is conveyed
in a brown paper bag.
- Not very attractive, I know.
- No problem,

- ...

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