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Not even the fee for the gaming
... which I would appreciate if you
would put up personally.
"Senator, my offer is this:
In that one moment, Michael Corleone
says that all corruption is equal.
That there is no separation between
politics and gangsterism.
As discussed in the Fleeber treatise,
Guns and Provolone...
...what are the similarities between
Karl Marx's "Das Kapital..."
...lmmanuel Kant's
Critique of Pure Reason...
...and the Lake Tahoe scene from
"Godfather II"?
You haven't read the Fleeber piece?
Well, in an evolving society...
You need help from Mr. Bushak?
He might enjoy helping you write
a five-page answer to my question.
I want it on my desk by noon tomorrow.
In an evolving society...
...violence and narcissism replace...
- Oh, shut up!
I hate this guy.
You're Clark?
Yes, I'm Clark.
I'm Tina, Carmine Sabatini's
only daughter.
- I didn't know he had a daughter, only.
- He does. I'm her.
Come in.
This is quite a house. Very European.
Can I get you a drink?
Beer? Sprite?
No, thanks.
Jesus, look at that.
Wow, what a job they did!
Copying job.
Down to the cracks and everything.
This isn't a copy. This is it.
I'm very serious.
This has to be a copy.
Do you remember about 10 years ago
the original toured the country?
It did?
They brought it over from the Louvre.
I don't know who. They.
It was in the United States.
And it stayed here.
The one they shipped back to Paris,
the one behind all the glass...
...that the tourists take pictures of
is the copy.
My dad thought it was just awful.
A masterpiece behind such thick glass.
He had such a special feeling for it
his whole life.
Sort of an obsession.
He ripped it off? The "Mona Lisa"?
The day it arrived here I was 9.
My dad took it out of this huge crate.
There was Styrofoam
and newspaper everywhere.
And suddenly...
...there it was.
And he turned to me...
...l'll never forget this...
...and he said:
"Now I'm happy.
Now I got the "Mona Lisa."
It's safe here in Queens?
People don't steal from my father.
- They don't?
- No.
- You want to dance?
- Here?
- It's kind of hot.
- Take your sweater off.
My dad tells me you're from Nebraska.
What do you think of New York?
I stopped thinking 24 hours ago.
I'm going on pure instinct.
That's what you should do in New York.
Is your father here now?
He's in the Bronx at some meeting.
Aunt Angelina?
My head's killing me.
I'm going to bed.
This is Clark. Dad mentioned him.
Clark. The boy working for Dad.
I'm going to bed.
Watch "Jeopardy." You come up?
After Clark leaves.
Good night, Aunt Angelina.
Dad's sister.
She moved in when my mother died.
I was 4.
I was 6.
- Your mom?
- No, my dad.
But it's never the same.
No, but what can you do?
I'll get you the keys to the car.
I'm a sophomore at the College of the
Sacred Virgin. Don't laugh.
- Next year I'm going to Harvard.
- Harvard?
That's something. I didn't apply there,
with my high school grades.
Not that they were terrible.
My grades are nothing special.
About a B-.
How did you get in?
Your Boards must have been monsters.
It's Dad.
He told Harvard I wanted to go,
and they said, "Sure."
Are we talking about the same Harvard?
In Cambridge, Massachusetts?
Of course. Harvard needs my dad.
They don't want strikes
by the janitors or gardeners.
All those old trees and lawns.
But he's an importer.
It's great meeting you, Clark.
A guy from Vermont.
Real American New England-y.
Hold on.
- He's an importer. Just tell me.
- He's an importer. Yes.
An extremely powerful importer.
There are such people.
So what is it?
- What is what?
- The package at the airport.
Hint. It's big.
Bring someone to help you out.
What is it?
If Dad didn't tell you, I can't.
It's not going to be a dead guy
in a box or something, is it?
What an imagination.

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