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Gourmet Club welcome
for Carmine and the happy couple.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the moment we've all waited for.
The moment that makes the Gourmet
Club the special place it is.
Our main course,
served for the very last time...
...on this, our planet Earth...
...your Komodo dragon.
There he is
Your Komodo dragon
Yes, there he is
One of eight
With so many species
He took the town by storm with his
Continental taste and charm
Go into this cornfield. It's deserted.
A Rob Roy with a twist.
Diet Coke.
- Did my uncle bring you up-to-date?
- Yeah.
We'll be killed
by Greenwald and Simpson.
They're with the Bonellis
out of South Amboy.
That's stretching.
There's a chance we'll be killed.
It's not a lot.
We need to get you
adequately prepared.
- An Italian passport.
- Open it.
Is that a piece of work?
What is this?
"Rodolfo Lasparri?"
I got to tell you.
We may be on a plane to
Palermo, Sicily tonight...
...if we're still walking.
- I don't want to go to Palermo.
- Ever been?
- No.
- Then you can't judge, Rodolfo.
I'm not going!
I can't take it! I don't want to
spend the rest of my life hiding.
- I want this resolved!
- You do?
- Why are you smiling?
- As usual, Uncle Carmine was right.
You're ready. Ready for Freddy.
"Ready for Freddy"?
It's showtime. In two minutes,
you go outside and signal the feds.
What the hell is that?
Fish and Wildlife doesn't mean
we're social workers.
Ladies and gentlemen, your cohost
for this evening, Mr. Larry London!
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
This is a very special evening
for all of us.
For tonight you will eat one
of only eight Komodo dragons...
...left in the entire world.
Which is why it has been priced at...
...$350,000 a plate.
Service included!
Thank you for paying in advance.
Without these monies...
Smells good.
I want you to take half of it...
...and put the rest in the steamer.
Go ahead.
He wants you to help him
with the dragon.
Good luck, not that you need it.
Everybody's confident.
The kid is signalling us.
- You sure?
- Absolutely.
I crossed the dance floor,
heart pounding.
In a few minutes
I would be free, dead...
... or Rodolfo Lasparri
of Palermo, Sicily.
It was all up to me.
The show was about to begin.
The lizard was more nervous than me.
We were in the same boat.
Everybody out. Get out.
- Give me that dragon!
- Freeze! Department of Justice!
Sabatini, Schlegel...
...you're under arrest.
- What's the charge?
- Import and attempted slaughter...
...of "Varanus komodoensis,"
also known as the Komodo dragon.
- It's over, old man.
- You betrayed me.
You betrayed me.
Stand back!
Drop it or I'll shoot.
- How could you do this?
- Sir...
How could you betray me?
Oh, my God, Carmine.
I had no choice.
- You all saw that.
- You had no choice.
It was fate.
No matter how you feel, you're a hero.
I'm numb.
I'd love one.
- I had feelings for him.
- I'm sure you did.
A technical matter.
The money. We need it for evidence.
It's there in the large tureen.
Good work, kid.
We gotta impound the evidence.
Job well done.
Everybody wait here.
- Congratulations.
- Come on.
- I guess we should go.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Son...
- Don't call me son.
- I had no choice.
- You didn't have to turn me in.
- Lf it was your son...
- I'd have treated him like a son.
I'd treat my stepson
like he was my son.
- Clark, that animal...
- Dwight, good night!
Tell Mom I'll call her tomorrow.
Good night.
FBI, gentlemen.
Greenwald, Simpson,
you're under arrest for violating...
...your oath of office, conspiracy,
fraud, extortion, RICO Act violation.
Put the cuffs on them.
The old man set us up.
- With the kid!
- Watch the corn, gentlemen.
I'm getting too old for this nonsense.
We done?
We're done.
- How are you doing?
- I'm a wreck.

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