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They won't let me.
When I light the candle...
...and get into the water...
...they pull me out.
They throw me out.
They shout "You're mad!"
All right.
All right?
It's all wrong!
Help me.
Help me...
All right, but...
Of course I will.
Where's the Russian who's going
to Bagno Vignoni?
The taxi's here.
It's late.
I must go.
Thank you.
Why me of all people?
- You've children?
- Two, a girl and a little boy.
Is your wife pretty?
- You know the Madonna of Childbirth?
- Yes. Piero della Francesca.
She's like that, but all black.
Take the candle.
We're planning something big in Rome.
Where are you?
Answer me!
I'm scared of being alone.
I know what you're thinking,
but that's enough now.
It's wrong to keep thinking
about the same thing.
Is this the end of the world?
- Hello.
- Let's go?
Stand back!
Look! They're bringing them out!
I knew they were in there,
I used to listen in secret!
The water had run out
in my bathroom... do you mind?
I thought you'd left.
No, I'm still here.
- I'm pleased.
- You don't look it.
Look what he gave me.
- Who?
- Domenico.
You're afraid of everything,
full of complexes.
You're not free.
You all seem to want freedom,
but when you get it...
...you don't know
what to do with it...
...or what it is.
That's enough...
It must be this country,
the air one breathes here.
Because in Moscow I met
some wonderful men.
What do you all want from me? This?
Not you!
Because you're some kind of saint.
You're interested in Madonnas.
You're different.
One "intellectual" tried to keep me
locked up!
Can't I ever meet the right person?
I don't mean you, you're the worst.
But I swear I'll find my kind of man!
And I have,
he's waiting for me in Rome.
You dress badly, too.
And you bore me stiff.
You're the kind I'd sleep with...
...rather than explain why
I don't want to.
What are you saying?
Don't you see?
I find myself in a most
humiliating position.
I've had enough.
I can't take any more.
I'd like to sleep for ten days
and blot you out from my mind.
Maybe there's nothing to blot out
because you don't exist.
The problem's mine.
Why do I like idiots?
...men without charm?
I look young but I know what charm is.
Just go away.
You know,..
the night I met you...
...I dreamt about a soft worm
with lots of legs.
It fell on my head.
It was poisonous, it stung me.
I kept shaking my head...
...until it fell to the ground.
I tried...
I tried to squash it
before it reached the wardrobe
but it was no good.
Because I kept missing it.
I just couldn't squash it.
Since that night...
...I keep touching my hair.
Thank God there's been nothing
between us.
Just the thought makes me sick!
She's mad.
Run back to your wife!
Though you nearly betrayed her.
You're a pig like the others!
- Anything else?
- Hypocrite!
Let's go and listen to some music.
- What's happened?
- Nothing, nothing.
Oh God! The General and his
Chinese music!
But no one's driving me away!
Dear Pyotr Nikolayevich,
have been in Italy two years.
Very important ones,
both for my profession
and for my everyday life.
Last night I had a bad dream.
I had to stage an opera
in the theatre of My Lord the Count.
The first act was set in a park
full of statues.
But they were naked men, painted
white and forced to stand motionless.
And I was a statue too.
I knew I would be harshly punished
if I moved.
Because our lord and master
was watching us.
I could feel the cold rising from
my marble pedestal.
While the autumn leaves settled
on my upraised arm.
Yet I stood still.
But when I sensed I could resist
no longer...
...I awoke.
I was much afraid.
For I knew it had been no dream
but my reality.
Yet I would die if I never returned
to Russia.
If I never again saw the land

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