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How are you keeping?
How's your heart? All right?
Don't know, I've had enough
'm fed up
want to go home
I'm going to buy some cigarettes
I want to change my ticket.
I'm leaving in two days' time
- Anything wrong?
- Nothing...
Can you drive me to Bagno Vignoni?
- When?
- Now
I'll have to let Italy-USSR know
I'll wait here
I had a feeling you might not
leave today...
What ancestor speaks in me?
I can't live simultaneously...
...in my head and in my body
That's why I can't be just one person
I can feel myself
countless things at once
There are no great masters left,
that's the real evil of our time
Our heart's path is covered in shadow
We must listen to the voices
that seem useless
Into brains
full of long sewage pipes...
...of school walls, tarmac and
welfare papers...
...the buzzing of insects must enter
We must all fill our eyes and ears
with things...
...that are the beginning of
a great dream
Someone must shout that we'll
build the pyramids
It doesn't matter if we don't
We must fuel that wish
We must stretch
the corners of the soul
like an endless sheet
If you want the world to go forward,
we must hold hands
We must mix the so-called healthy
with the so-called sick
You healthy ones!
What does your health mean?
The eyes of all mankind
are looking at the pit...
...into which we are all plunging
Freedom is useless...
...if you don't have the courage
to look us in the eye...
...to eat, drink and sleep with us!
It's the so-called healthy...
...who have brought the world
to the verge of ruin
Listen, man!
In you, water...
...and then ashes
And the bones in the ashes
The bones...
...and the ashes!
Wait for me round there in the car
Where am I when I'm not
in the real world...
...or in my imagination?
Here's my new pact with the world:
It must be sunny at night
and snowy in August
Great things end, small things endure
Society must become united again
instead of being fragmented
Just look at nature and you'll see
that life is simple...
...that we must go back to where
we were, to the point...
...where you took the wrong turning
We must go back to the main
foundations of life...
...without dirtying the water
What kind of world is this...
...if a madman has to tell you...
...to be ashamed of yourselves?
Music now
I forgot this
O mother!
The air is that light thing...
...that moves around your head...
...and becomes clearer when you laugh
The music doesn't work! Help me!
Dedicated to the memory of my motherThank God, we've arrived.
Speak Italian.
Sorry. We've arrived. I stopped here
so we could stretch our legs.
You'll see,
it's a marvelous painting.
I cried the first time I saw it.
This light reminds me of certain
autumn afternoons in Moscow.
Come on then.
- I don't want to.
- I'll wait for you inside.
I don't want to!
I'm tired of seeing these
sickeningly beautiful sights.
I want nothing more just for myself.
That's enough.
Have you come to pray for a baby too?
Or to be spared them?
I'm just looking.
If there are any casual onlookers...
...who aren't supplicants...
...then nothing happens.
What is supposed to happen?
Whatever you like,
whatever you need most.
But you should at least kneel down.
I can't.
- Look at them
- They're used to it.
- They have faith.
- Maybe they have.
May I ask you something?
Why do you think...
...it's only the women
who pray so much?
- You're asking me?
- You see so many women here.
I'm only the sacristan.
But you must wonder why women are
more devout than men.
You should know better than I.
Because I'm a woman? No, I've never
understood these things.
I'm a simple man,
But I think...
...a woman
is meant to have children...
...to raise them...
...with patience...
...and self-sacrifice.
That's all she's meant for?
I don't know
I understand. Thank you,
you've been a great help
You asked what I thought.
I don't know. You want to be happy
but there
Ностальгия Ностальгия

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