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set in a park
full of statues
"But they were naked men, painted
white and forced to stand motionless
"And I was a statue too
"I knew I would be harshly punished
f I moved
"Because our lord and master
was watching us
"I could feel the cold rising from
my marble pedestal
"While the autumn leaves settled
on my upraised arm
"Yet I stood still
"But when I sensed I could resist
no longer...
"...I awoke
"I was much afraid
"For I knew it had been no dream
but my reality
"Yet I would die if I never returned
to Russia
"If I never again saw the land
of my birth
"The birches, the air of my childhood
"An affectionate greeting from your
abandoned friend, Pavel Sasnovsky"
"As a child I fell ill
"From hunger and fear
"I tear shreds of skin from my lips
"In my memory I lick traces of salt,
of freshness
"And still I walk and walk
"I sit on a doorstep,
lacking for warmth
"I... stagger deliriously as to
the piper's tune
"I was hot, I opened my collar
and lay down
"The trumpets sounded.
A light pierced my eyelids
"High above the pavement
Mother flies, beckons with her hand
"And flew away
"Now beneath the apple-trees I dream
of a white hospital
"As a child I fell ill..."
I must go and see Dad
I've a jacket in the wardrobe,
it's been there three years
I'll wear it again when I get home
I never see anyone
What are you doing here?
Don't be afraid of me
It's I who should be afraid of you
You could shoot me
Everyone shoots in Italy
And there are too many Italian shoes
Why does everyone buy them?
These are ten years old
It's not important
You know
the great classic romances...
...no kisses...
Nothing at all. Very pure
That's why they're great
Feelings that are unspoken
are unforgettable
Here it's like in Russia
I don't know why
I speak bad Italian
Here's a story
A man saves another man who was
sinking into a slimy pond...
...thereby risking his own life
Now they are both lying on the edge
of the pond...
...out of breath, exhausted
The rescued man says: "You idiot!
"Why did you do that?
I live in there!"
"I live in there." He was offended
What's your name?
Are you happy?
- About what?
- About life
Good girl
"Sight grows dim, my strength...
"...is two occult, adamantine darts
"Hearing falters, as my father's
house breathes distant thunder
"The tissues of hard muscles weaken
"Like hoary oxen at the plough
"And no longer, when night falls,
do two wings gleam behind me
"During the party, a candle,
am wasted away
"At dawn gather up my melted wax
"And read in it whom to mourn,
what to be proud of
"How, by laying down
the last portion of joy...
"...to die lightly
"And, sheltering under
a makeshift roof
"To light up posthumously,
like a word"
Why must I think of this?
Haven't I enough worries?
My God, why did I do it?
They're my children, my family,
my own flesh and blood
How could I?
Years without seeing the sun,
fearing the daylight!
Why this tragedy?
Lord, don't you see how he's asking?
Say something to him
But what would happen
if he heard my voice?
Let him feel your presence
I always do, but he's not aware of it
I'll bring the car round
in ten minutes
Mr. Gorchakov, phone call for you
Please wait a moment
- How are you?
- Well... very well
- Guess why I called
- Perhaps you...
Your Domenico is here, the lunatic
from Bagno Vignoni
No, I know he's not mad; I said it
so you'd understand
Anyway, he's taking part in a weird
demonstration here in Rome
He's been making speeches for
three days, like Fidel Castro
Come and say goodbye to him
'm leaving... immediately
He keeps asking if you've done
what you were supposed to do
Of course
I'll tell him right away
I'm glad we could say goodbye
I'm going away with Vittorio
We'll probably go to India
from an illustrious family.
He's deeply interested
in spiritual matters
Good, Eugenia,
wish you all the best
Same to you.
Say hello to Moscow for
Ностальгия Ностальгия

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