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't he marry a local girl?
No, he was in love with
a Russian serf and died for her
Such a hurry...
Does your poet like Italy?
Very much. Even so...
General, what's this strange music
we keep hearing day in, day out?
Wonderful music!
Beats Verdi any time
Hands off Verdi. The music's Chinese
A different civilization
with no sentimental wails
The voice of God, of Nature
Pretend they're not there,
just go your own way
I've swallowed some water.
Move carefully
- What does it taste of?
- Sulphur
That's why it's good for your skin
It's horrible
This is the life. I'm nearly asleep
Somebody drowned here in 1960
Don't say such things,
you frighten me
Yet listen,
it's never too late to learn
Whatever happens, don't interfere,
Have you heard their talk,
what interests them?
You must live your life differently
You know why they're in the water?
They want to live for ever
Look at them...
My cigar's gone out.
Anyone got a light?
Why do they make fun of him?
He shut himself up in the house
with his family for seven years...
...to await the end of the world
A religious fit, they say
Rubbish! He was jealous of his wife
they whole time they were together
Later she ran off with the children
Jealous my foot, he's mad!
It's obvious
That's not it, he just got scared
- Scared of what?
- Everything, of course
You're wrong,
he was a man of great faith
And how, to keep his family
locked up for seven years
When they broke down the door...
...his kid shot out like a rat
and he chased after him
We thought he wanted to kill him!
Look, the Russian poet!
Excuse me, Miss, I don't smoke
but could I have a cigarette?
Of course, seeing you don't smoke...
- Sorry, it's gone out
- So it has
Never forget what he said to her
Who's he?
And her?
Well, what did God say
to St. Catherine?
You are she who is not
But I am he who is
Did you hear that?
Does Domenico speak to
St. Catherine personally?
Don't tease him, he's not stupid
Domenico has a degree
What is "faith"?
Your Italian was a lot better...
...when you first arrived
Well, what mean "faith"?
In Russian it's "viera"
Why they say he mad? He's not mad
He has faith
There are many of these lunatics
at large in Italy
Asylums have been closed down
but the families won't have them
Who knows what madness is?
They upset us, they're inconvenient
We refuse to understand them
They're alone
But they're certainly
closer to the truth
He has another fixation now
What's that?
He climbs into the pool with
a lighted candle, God knows why
Everyone's afraid he wants to drown
himself, so they throw him out...
...to save him
- I don't believe it
- Ask them
Can we ask him to have lunch with us?
- When?
- Now
Do you know what time it is?
It's seven in the morning!
In the morning?
Does that man with the wet shoes
often come?
Who, Domenico? It depends. Sometimes
he does, sometimes he doesn't
- Where does he live?
- Above Bagno Vignoni
In the square
What's so funny?
Stay there
You're so pretty...
...in this light
I'm beginning to understand...
Why do you think he locked up
his family for seven years?
How should I know?
There he is
I'm here with a famous Russian writer
My life is normal, there's nothing
to interest him
We were told you had a lovely
I've read about it in the papers, too
Tell him about it
It's not worth it
Maybe not, but this gentleman
has come from Moscow
For me?
He's come a long way
- What did he say?
- He doesn't feel like talking
Well, try again, it's very important
Can't you stop for a moment?
What's wrong? Have you offended him?
You've offended me!
He's mad! It's not up to me whether
he talks or not. I'm going
Try yourself, you know a bit of Italian
If you don't like the way I work,
say so
But I'm not only a good translator,
I even improve on the original
I'm going back to Rome. The trip's
over as far as I'm concerned
All right

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