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go on into the kitchen.
Have a seat, son. Take it easy.
You don't mind that I call you son,
do you?
You're all like sons to me.
Look, here's what happened...
I know what happened...
You loved her, married her...
...and then two days ago,
she packs her bags...
...and leaves you for another man.
See? I know everything.
The women in my family have the gift.
- Don't worry, I'll fix your little problem.
- Look, I just don't get it...
What's not to get?
She's pregnant, you know.
And the baby's not yours.
It's no problem to get her back...
...but the baby will pull her away
from you, to the real father.
And destroying an innocent child...
...is a great sin.
- Is that so?
Oh, yes.
So you're saying to get my wife back...
...we need to kill an unborn child...
It's easy.
I'll just clap my hands, like this...
...and it will die, she'll miscarry.
But you must
take the sin upon yourself.
- Well, I don't know...
- Will you? Take it?
- The sin?
- The sin.
- Yeah, sure.
- Let's shake?
What the hell.
Don't worry. It won't hurt.
We just...
...mix everything up.
Don't worry.
Drink this. Don't worry,
everything's sterile with me.
Are you kidding? It's...
Are the ingredients important?
Or the effect?
- The effect.
- Then drink it.
Go ahead.
What's the matter?
I can't be with you.
Good boy!
Now we have to take care of the brat.
Sit still, witch!
Get her hands! Don't let her clap!
Get her hands!
Help me, Mashenka!
Hurry, stupid doll!
Get away! Get away from me!
Don't let her clap...
Tiger Cub!
Help! Help, somebody!
Fucking cops. Using live bait.
Let's just fill out the report, okay?
I'm not guilty.
Whatever. Tell it to the judge.
Daria Leonidovna...
...you stand accused
of violating the truce...
...Article 13, Paragraph B:
"Conspiracy and premeditated
attempt to assassinate."
Job and position?
I'm a gardener.
Oh, yeah?
You got a gardener's license?
Someone gave you a license for that?
Who are you people?
He can see us?
He can now.
He's an Other.
Come to me.
Come. I'm waiting.
You sure he's an Other?
Yeah, look, he's a seer.
A seer?
Just what we need.
Another asshole
with visions of the future.
What do you mean, "visions"?
Don't get any ideas.
You're not playing the lotto
or anything.
Visions can't be controlled.
Why is it so dark?
You've slipped into the Gloom.
It's a place only Others can go.
I don't understand.
- Everything's so different.
- Don't worry.
The world hasn't changed.
Just you.
Anton Gorodetsky.
We'll show you the proper techniques
for using live bait...
...such as minnows
and night crawlers...
We got it.
There's not much time,
it's almost dark.
It's going to be cold tonight.
Dress warm.
They're using the Call
to lure the victim to them.
We've traced it to the orange subway
line, but that's as far as we got.
You'll have to track them
on foot from there.
You have to get on
the same frequency as the victim.
Hear what he hears.
Feel the Call, like he does.
Can you feel it yet?
- No.
- You will.
A victim hearing the Call will have
high blood pressure, and may bleed.
The Call puts him in a sort of trance.
He doesn 't think about where he's
going, he just knows he has to get there.
Any signs he sees along the way...
...he tells himself they're instructions.
Anything he hears,
he takes for an order.
What do you want? Go away.
Don 't let him out of your sight.
I got it.
Don 't forget your weapon.
Got it.
And use the right light bulb this time.
You'll know you've found the victim...
...when you hear the Call
as clear as he does.
If you're not feeling it yet...
...try another swig of the red stuff.
I'm out of the shit.
Need me to get more?
No, I'll handle it.
What are you doing up at this hour?
Just let me get dressed.
Hi, neighbor.
- Hey, Pop.
- I told you not to

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