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She's the Other.
You should never say things
like this.
lt is notjust a word.
Dear passengers,
we're making a technical
That's it, let's go.
Let me do it, OK?
l've come.
- l've come. Let him go.
- Take it down.
Shit. Here you are.
- Take the torch away.
- lt won't hurt you.
- Take it away.
- Okay.
Don't do anything funny.
Want some blood? Here.
l want to live.
Live then.
Who prevents you?
l want to become
human again.
Do you want to become human?
Then behave like humans.
Do you behave like humans?
He loved me.
And you gave me to him
like food.
And then you killed him.
You did.
l didn't have much choice.
He breached the Agreement.
You, the Light and kind ones,
who decide that you can keep
us from darkness,
where were you then
when they drank my blood?
Why can't l do it now?
'cause l won't let you do it.
Yegor, run.
Get out of here.
Go, scram.
You, bitch!
You lost it?
Where is he? Where's my son?
You don't have a right to intefere.
l've brought you a charm.
Did you want to kill me?
- No.
- No, you did.
Don't believe him,
l didn't want it.
Alice, read.
The protocol of arrest,
dated 08.19.1992.
Mr. Gorodetsky visited
Ms. Schultz
residing at 10, Starozachatsky
Alley, bldg 2.
For a reward he asked
Ms. Schultz
to assist him
with sorcery.
He was warned by her,
yet he agreed to bear
the responsibility
for murdering the fetus
of his wife lrina Petrova.
You really want to kill me?
Yes, but...
- l looked for you to...
- Kill?
To kill?
Yegor, please,
don't go to them.
They're Dark.
You're no better than the Dark,
you're worse.
You lie. You only pretend
to be good.
l've been waiting a thousand
years for this.
Who is marked to drown,
will drown.
Who is marked to fall
from a roof
will fall.
This boy is marked to be
yet you've made him
the Great Dark one.
You won't be able to change
Keep away from him.
You've set this up.
The scum!
Go ahead.
Oome on.
That's good.
Thus the Great one appeared
who sided with Evil.
And the legend said
he was marked to plunge
the world into the Darkness.
But while there are those
who believe in Light among us,
the hope is still here...
Timur BEKMAMBETOV's filmAs long as humanity has existed,
there have been Others among us.
They're human, yet they have abilities
beyond those of ordinary men.
Witches, sorcerers, shape-shifters...
...the Others are as varied
as stars in the sky.
The Others are soldiers
in the eternal war:
The struggle between Dark and Light.
Light Others protected mankind
from the Dark Others...
...who plagued and tortured humans.
Legend tells of a day
when the two armies met on a bridge.
Geser, lord of the Light...
...and Zavulon, general of the Darkness,
faced each other.
And neither one would give way.
And so began a great battle...
...bloody and merciless.
Zavulon gloried in the slaughter.
But Lord Geser wept.
As the screams of the dying
reached heaven...
...Geser realized the armies
were equally matched...
...and he knew that unless
the fighting stopped...
...every last soul would perish.
So he stopped the battle.
Thus, the forces of Light and Darkness
forged a truce.
Geser spoke for the Light...
...and Zavulon spoke for the Darkness.
And these things were agreed:
No one could be forced to good or evil
without choosing freely.
The soldiers of Light
would be called Night Watch...
...making sure Dark Others
obeyed the truce.
And the soldiers of Darkness would
be called Day Watch, to do the same.
And so the balance would be kept
for centuries to come.
But one day, an Other would come...
...more powerful than any before him.
Like all Others, he would have to choose
between Light and Dark.
And his choice would
change the balance forever.
Hi. I'm here about your ad.
Did you bring a picture?
Hold on a sec.
- Here.
- Let me see it.
Come inside.
It's messy in
Ночной Дозор Ночной Дозор

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