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the Dark Other.
Alcohol abuse history.
Oapable of manslaughter.
Oome on, Anton.
Let's go.
What's wrong with you?
- Gesser's calling you.
- One moment.
Moscow goes in for dangerous
objects. We're doing our best.
A light wizard with a dark past
has come!
Who's barking there?
Don't you dare, Zawulon.
Kill the light.
You've invited me here yourself.
- Give him your charm.
- l've done nothing forbidden.
My personnel should be
protected against you.
Throw it.
- Should l?
- Don't, Zawulon!
Oatch it!
Repeat after me.
There's no power of yours
over me, Zawulon.
There's no... power of yours
over me, Zawulon.
Do what you want.
We do everything we can.
Let's go, freak.
See you soon.
You should go to her and figure
out who cursed her.
Why me?
Either we learn who did it,
and return the curse to them,
or the funnel disappears
if its carrier dies.
Do you want me to kill her?
Oode 1322.
She lives on the 8th floor,
apartment 64.
- What should l tell her?
- About your illness.
She'll make one up for you.
D'you want me to
sing a song?
Love lives in his heart...
Hello, Svetlana.
What's wrong?
l'm sorry to bother you
at home,
you have a lot of worries
at work.
Oome in, l'll examine you.
l'll just wash my hands.
- ls the girl at all pretty?
- How's Yegor?
Tiger Oub and Bear
take care of him.
Time for you to go.
Are you kicking us out?
No, but my mom
is coming back soon.
What shall we say?
That we're electricians.
Fixing the lights.
Why do they call you
A shifting wizard can
turn into a bear or a man,
and l - into a tiger cub.
Show me.
- Show you what?
- How you can change.
Some other time.
You're just embarrassed.
Embarrassed of what?
As you change,
your clothes rip apart
and you'll be naked.
l'm not embarrassed
of that.
So change. l'll look away.
ls it a circus or what?
Yegor! Wait!
Yegor! Oome back!
l didn't get it.
You lie down,
l'll be right back.
Lie down where?
Where should l lie down?
Let's go.
- ls it your ulcer again?
- Yes.
lt suddenly seized up,
for no reason at all.
Does it hurt?
How often?
Once in a while.
l told you you have
to be more careful.
l understand.
And here?
lt hurts.
lt shouldn't.
No, that's not a gastritis.
What is it then?
You're absolutely healthy.
You don't say it.
Why did l come then?
Why did you come?
l'll talk only with the killer
of my Andrey.
Oall the one who
killed Andrey.
Go away!
- Right now.
- You have the funnel.
- What?
- You have the funnel.
You're nuts.
- l'm...
- lt's growing. Do something.
- l've come to clarify.
- Leave.
To learn... No, l've come
to apologize.
l forgive you.
- Then l'll go.
- You didn't ask why.
- Why?
- l pushed you in the subway.
- Big deal.
- lt was intentional.
You barred my way.
Forgive me.
- l forgive you.
- Oall Anton!
See, l'm calling.
Please, go away.
What is it?
Do you want to drink?
l've got some with me.
Oall Anton!
She won't hold. What
should we do?
- Let's have a drink.
- What's this?
- Olga, it's Bear.
- What?
- What's up?
- They lost him.
They lost Yegor.
- The vampiress demands Anton.
- Play for time.
- lt wasn't for you.
- Oan you explain?
Oan you tell me
what happened?
They lost Yegor.
She demands you.
My mother is dying.
lt's my fault.
l thought bad of her.
l thought that but
for her
l'd been married and with
a child long ago.
As soon as l thought that,
the hospital called and said
her kidney failed.
The doctors said a surgical
transplantation was necessary.
So l agreed to donate
my own kidney.
l even passed all tests.
But she refused.
l knew just as well.
l did it intentionally
so that she refused.
She didn't need to be told, she
would've learnt it later anyway.
l knew she'd refuse.
l did it on purpose.
l'll be damned!
Anton, you found it!
She cursed
Ночной Дозор Ночной Дозор

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