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as well.
lf there's no one close to him
who could explain what
happens to him
and teach him how to live
among people,
The elements claimed
the lives of 330 people...
What Others are you,
Dark or Light?
We? We are Light.
What about me?
You'll have to decide
Do you get it?
What is the difference
between Dark and Light?
All Others draw their
power from people.
The Dark ones take what's
dark, the Light, light.
Like food.
Don't you eat simple food?
Why? We do if offered.
- Will you take dumplings?
- Sure thing.
- l can't get it.
- What is there to get?
She'll have a child.
Not yours.
Don't be afraid, l'll bring
her back.
- Well, l...
- You what?
- Nothing.
- What are you whispering?
-ls there anything there,
or not?
Rest assured, there is.
- A boy.
- How do you know?
- Who's that?
- Mother.
- How old are you?
- 12.
Are you sure she's not
coming anymore?
The vampiress.
l am.
She won't while we're here.
Did you salt
the dumplings?
l need all her contacts in
the last 3 days.
- Show it to me.
- l can't.
We've got outdated software.
That's it.
We're leaving, quick!
Oall Anton.
Hello, Anton.
We're moving the HQ to Vatutinki.
- What Vatutinki?
- We need you ASAP.
Tiger Oub and Bear'll
replace you.
What Vatutinki?
Wear it carefully.
- Are you leaving?
- Tiger and Bear'll replace us.
What Bear?
Yegor, l'll be back soon.
- Promise?
- Promise.
All right. l believe you.
Hang on there.
Why deceiving the guy?
lt was his child.
Don't worry, he'll be taken
care of. He won't perish.
You'll have everything
sorted out, Anton.
Watch the road, Semyon.
What's wrong?
Yes, help.
- Valya...
- Auntie Valya is dead.
- Why?
- Her heart.
- l can't...
- Let me call.
l can't, l feel sorry for her.
Oan you do this for us?
- What's wrong?
- Maxim's mother died.
Whose mother?
That pressure is up.
But what's wrong?
Shit, my sausages
are boiling over.
God forbid they blow up.
ls it the power station?
Maxim lvanych please.
Just a sec. lt's for you.
- Oover up for me.
- Sausages, eh.
- Maxim lvanych.
- Speaking.
Your mother... She is dead.
Hello, Maxim lvanych.
Do you hear me?
Shit, they're spitting.
Hold on, Maxim.
We're almost there.
- lt's falling on us!
- Relax.
Where is it?
The funnel? Up there.
Oome on, kill the juice.
Upstairs. Take the cable.
Run the cable...
Oome on.
Negative field
87 per cent dense.
- The funnel's growing.
- Gotcha.
- Who are they?
- The owners.
Gin and tonic.
Night discounts.
Are you insane?
lt's bad to eat and watch
TV at the same time.
Anatoly, have you found it?
No one cursed her!
Haven't you seen a
funnel before?
Keep on working.
l remember 1941 , when l
stepped on a landmine.
There was one huge hole:
since then my right ear
hears all right,
but my left ear is zero...
l've analyzed
the funnel's growth.
lt can explode any time now.
Got to beat it from here.
Have you checked her contacts
of the last month?
- Why did you keep the pointer?
- Hands off!
Who asked you to interfere?
Look yourself, you fucking
Negative field
92 per cent dense.
Have you tried your hands?
l haven't. What hands?
Try it yourself.
l've checked all her friends,
acquaintances, family.
There is no one.
Not a single Other
among them
who could send such a big
curse of a funnel.
A jump in the funnel. Negative
field concentration 92.
What motherfucker cursed her?
- Mother...
- l'll show you now.
Svetlana Nazarova,
born in 1947.
Used to be a teacher,
now retired.
She's in an ER now, with
artificial kidney.
Gesser is calling you.
l've checked it, look.
How? She really is a witch.
lt was not her mother!
She's not the Other.
Oops. Sorry.
Anton Gorodetsky, the Other.
lnitiated 08.19.92,
during the exposure
operation on
Ms. Schultz' illegal
magical practice.
Admitted on the Night Watch
on trial basis.
ls friendly with his
Ночной Дозор Ночной Дозор

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