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hear me?
You're important
to me now.
Like, to our dying day.
Hi there, lgnat,
l've come for you.
Please meet Semyon.
- He came to tear us apart.
- Hi there.
A girl needs some
relaxing here.
Her name's Svetlana.
You know l haven't been
practicing it for a long time.
Gotcha. Well,
Boris lvanych asked you
for the last time.
l'm sorry, Semyon, l can't.
l understand, lgnat.
But, look, it's
the funnel.
lt caught on the plane, it's
gonna fall apart.
With 350 passengers inside.
You're the pro.
You'll relax her and she'll tell
who'd cursed her.
And we'll be able to beat
that damned funnel.
O'mon, lgnat, my dear.
O'mon what? l have
the wedding tomorrow.
Shut the door!
Oan you close the door?
There's a draught.
Why are you following me?
Do you track me?
l have to.
Shut the door!
Allow me?
A good taste.
A good beginning.
Do you know why l follow you?
l can guess.
Right. So are we going
to your place?
So we are.
- That simple?
- That bad?
Flight 99753 to ground control.
Engine fire neutralized,
We're over Vatutinki,
need an emergency landing.
99753, you're clear
for landing.
l allowed them
to fly over the city.
What shall we do?
We'll sit for awhile,
about 10 minutes,
have some hot coffee.
You'll tell me something.
- And then?
- Then...
Would 10 minutes be enough?
lt would.
You are lying.
Wood-goblins've long fangs
and crooked bellies.
Who does? Do l have
a crooked belly?
He is teasing me!
What's up, who is not
asleep yet?
lt's not right!
Let me go! Monsters,
ugly freaks!
Oalm down.
They are beating ours!
l'm a hereditary brownie.
So l see, you're that wild.
- Which floor?
- 7.
Some jerk didn't
close the door.
lt's her.
She's here.
Let's go through the gloom.
l see you.
- Does he see us?
- Yes, he's the Other.
Do we have time?
No. He can't stay
in the Gloom.
- How much time do we have?
- 10 sec, and the gloom eats him.
- Don't come closer.
- Look into my eyes.
8... 7...
Olose your eyes.
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
l'm not afraid of you.
Open your eyes.
Don't touch him, don't do it.
Leave him alone.
Got to go, you won't help him.
The gloom has started
to gobble me.
- What's to be done?
- Divert.
Give him blood.
lt was so dark.
Did you do it?
lt was the gloom.
You are the Other.
Am l...
Am l different from
anybody else?
Not any more.
ls it good or bad?
lt's different.
What is Vatutinki?
That's all, and you
were afraid.
l had such a good
dream last night.
Someone helped me,
he was so tall, handsome
and black-haired.
No, he was bald.
ls anything wrong?
Honey, can l have more
Of course.
You know,
just now l suddenly realized
that a disaster might
really happen.
A disaster?
ls anything wrong with you?
No, everything's right.
But l'm seeing that you
honey are in trouble.
You suffer so much.
Has anyone offended you?
Am l right?
- Tell me, who did it to you?
- l'm sorry.
10 minutes are over.
- 'Scuse me, what's your name?
- Svetlana.
Y'know, Svetlana,
it's all so awkward today.
That flight. You and your
My bride waits for
me at home.
l have my wedding
ls he completely nuts?
What is he doing?
Take him away from there,
- Hi.
- O'mon, let's go.
What's up there?
Oome on...
- Are you sure we should go?
- Oome on.
D'you think l messed
everything up?
l warned you l couldn't
do it today.
l have my wedding, which
happens once in a lifetime
Open up, l promised her.
Firefly, open the door,
l told you!
Express news.
Moscow living though
weather cataclysms,
harbingers of tornadoes...
How do l understand
the Others?
The Others?
They are different
from normal.
The Other has superhuman
He had to suffer inhuman
trials in his life.
Do you see it?
And employ inhuman efforts.
So he becomes the Other.
So all his life is other
Ночной Дозор Ночной Дозор

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