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never come in view of
the Night Watch.
Lives with her mother in 37,
Vatutinki, bldg A.
lt's close to Vnukovo airport.
Mom is hospitalized, kidney
problem, a grafting is necessary.
A friend's kid is sick,
she visited them.
Here's another victim,
their neighbor Auntie
Valya, aged 78.
She's a tough woman, yet
called the ambulance.
That witch gave her
a bad look.
- How do you do.
- Hello, Sveta.
- What kind of a dog is that?
- Maxim brought from work,
and l don't know
what to do with it.
Let her live.
Let her live.
- Take care, Auntie Valya.
- Thank you, Sveta.
Wanna eat?
A feathered wonder.
Say something.
Be human.
Turn away.
Don't look.
Don't turn
- You...
- Turn away.
Are you scared?
The shower is - there.
- Why did they do it to you?
- lt's a punishment.
How do they spin it?
Up left is hot, right is cold.
No... But yes.
l've never heard of
punishments like this.
You've never heard of
crimes like this.
D'you have anything to
change into?
ln a moment.
Do you have any woman's
clothes by any chance?
l'm sorry, it's just in case.
Here, l have it from my mom.
Anything wrong?
Step inside.
You know, Anton,
there are too few
of us left.
And when someone goes
away for good,
all of us feel it immediately.
That's how the world
spins, neighbor.
There's an agreement.
- You understand what l say.
- What, Anton?
Yours and ours have struck
a deal that
everything may be done
but in turns.
l still don't get one thing.Why is it you who
issue licenses?
You know what OUR hunger is,
don't you?
- Anton.
- Wait.
How do you use it?
lt's a soap.
- What do you want?
- He was funny.
- What?
- Funny.
Funny? He killed.
He killed defenseless
He initiated a girl
She's like you now, only
much worse.
She doesn't know how
to live with it.
But you licensed him
to do it.
And they loved each other.
- They wanted to be teachers.
- l did my job.
So good.
l've been waiting for this
for 60 years.
- A nice vampire.
- He doesn't touch anyone.
So far. But time'll come
when he'll want to.
Right. And l'll come
to your office legally.
And you'll license me -
Legally. Neighbor.
Let him go.
- He's my neighbor.
- He's a vampire.
- He's the Other.
- He came to kill you.
- He brought you clothes.
- So what? We're enemies.
Get dressed.
And love still abides...
ln my anguished heart...
Look, is it trendy now?
Dunno. l don't have
any other.
Do you have a woman?
- l used to. A long time ago.
- When exactly?
A long time ago means a long
And love still abides...
ln my heart...
- Where is she now?
- Dunno.
lt has been 12 years.
Did you take your medicine?
Did you take andipal?
Good boy.
Moscow lives through
weather cataclysms
forming a swirlwind
which experts call
'a tornado'.
The epicenter of this
is gathering
in the north-east...
Good evening, it's lrina.
Oould you spend a night
with us?
Yegor has a high pressure
and l need to be at work.
- Mom.
- You can't?
- Are there any vampires?
- There are.
Little cowards who
drink their parents' blood.
No, they're real, l saw them.
Hello, Zhenya, is it you?
When is she back?
Miss, d'you need a ride?
Do you need a ride?
Zhenya, is it you? l'm sorry,
when is she going to be back?
Thanks a lot. So.
Nobody's home.
Take a pill, got it?
The keys.
- They exist, l saw them.
- Who exists?
Don't be so smart, you're quite big
and may well remain alone.
This is so good.
Oh so good...
The funnel's 31 4 m
above the house.
Angle velocity is 1 70 mps.
An aircraft enters
the funnel zone.
What is the plane?
The Antalia charter.
A bird got into the turbine.
A bird...
- A crow!
- What crow?
lt flew into the engine.
You're insane. lf it did,
the engine would've...
l'm afraid, we can't do
without lgnat.
l don't feel at ease.
Guys, fetch lgnat, quick.
No one will tear us apart,
Ночной Дозор Ночной Дозор

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