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do anything stupid.
You want some blood? Here.
I want my life.
Then live.
Who's stopping you?
I want to be human again.
You want to be human?
Then behave like a human being.
Do you behave like human beings?
I loved him...
...and you people gave me to him...
...like food.
And then killed him. You did.
I had no choice.
He broke the truce.
You, the Light ones,
the good ones...
...you say you protect the world
from Darkness.
Where were you
when he drank my blood?
Why can't I drink the boy's?
Because I won't let you.
Yegor, run.
Get away. Get away.
Get away.
Go on, get back.
Son of a bitch.
Lost the charm?
Where is he? Where's my son?
- You have no right to interfere.
Hush, now, hush. Take it easy.
I brought you the charm.
Did you really want to kill me?
- Yes, you did.
Don't believe him,
I didn't want to kill you.
Alice, read it.
'Night Watch Arrest Report,
dated August 19, 1992.
Mr. Gorodetsky
visited Ms. Schultz...
...residing at 10,
Starozachatsky Alley.
He paid a fee to Ms. Schultz...
...for a service
involving dark magic.
Having been warned by her,
he still agreed...
...to bear responsibility...
...for murdering the unborn child
of his wife, Irina Petrova.'
So you really did want to kill me.
Yes, but...
...then I found you, and I wanted...
- To kill me?
You wanted to kill me?
Yegor. Please.
Don't go with them. They are Dark.
You're no better than the Dark.
You're worse.
You lie. You only
pretend to be good.
I've been waiting centuries for this.
Those fated to drown...
...will drown.
Those fated to fall from a roof...
...will fall.
This boy was always
fated to be great.
But it was you who made him
choose the Dark.
It's done now, you can't change it.
Stay away from him.
I will take care of him now.
You set all this up, didn't you?
You bastard.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Come on.
Go on.
That's it. Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Come on. Come on.
Go ahead. Go on.
Come on.
And so it came to pass...
the Great Other came
into the world...
...and chose the side of evil.
Legend says he will
plunge the world...
into darkness.
But so long as there
are those among us...
who believe in Light...
...there will be hope.
Subtitles ripped by tiger6ex

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