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Ночной Дозор

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's go, Ugly.
See you soon.
Go to her apartment,
find out who cursed her.
And then?
There are two ways
to stop the vortex:
Either find out who cursed her...
...and make them lift it...
...or she has to die.
Are you telling me to kill her?
One life against thousands.
Maybe millions.
Door code is 1322.
What if she recognizes me
from the metro?
Tell her you're one of her patients,
feeling sick.
She sees hundreds of patients,
she'll think you're one of them.
Anton, do you want me
to sing you something?
Hello, Dr. Nazarova.
Can I help you?
I'm sorry to bother you at home.
You have enough on your hands
at work.
It's all right, come
in. I'll take a look.
Just let me wash my hands.
Is she as pretty as you remember?
- How's Yegor?
Don 't worry, Tiger Cub and Bear
are taking care of him.
Come to me.
It's time for you to go.
Are you kicking us out?
No. But my mom
will come home soon.
How do I explain you two?
Say we're electricians.
Fixing the lights.
Watch this.
Why do they call you 'Bear'?
Because he's a shape-shifter,
that's his gift.
He can turn into a bear.
Me, I can become a tiger.
Show me.
Show you what?
How you turn into a bear.
Some other time, Yegor.
You're just embarrassed.
Embarrassed? About what?
If you change,
your clothes will rip up...
...and I'll see you naked.
That doesn't embarrass me.
So change. I promise I won't look.
Come to me.
What is this, the circus?
Yegor. Wait.
Yegor. Come back.
Yegor, wait.
I didn't get the name yet.
Lie down, I'll be right there.
Lie down where?
Lie down where?
Right in here.
Where does it hurt?
My stomach. I think it's an ulcer.
Does that hurt?
- How often?
All the time.
Have you been under
a lot of stress?
You know, the usual.
Does it hurt here?
It shouldn't.
No. That's not an ulcer.
What is it, then?
You're absolutely healthy.
Really? Then why am I here?
Exactly. Why are you here?
Stay back.
I'll only talk to the one
who killed my Andrei.
Who the hell's Andrei?
- Get him here. Now.
Get out. Right now.
You've been cursed.
- What?
You have a curse.
You're crazy.
The vortex is expanding,
do something, now.
- Leave.
I'm here to find out...
- Find out what?
No, no. I've come to apologize.
Fine. I forgive you. Now leave.
You haven't asked why.
- Why?
Because I pushed
you in the subway.
It's okay.
But I did it on purpose.
You stood in my way,
and I pushed you.
Forgive me.
I forgive you.
Call Anton. Now.
- Okay, okay.
See, I'm calling him.
Please, go away.
Why are you doing this?
Do you want a drink?
I've got some with me.
- Hello.
Get Anton here.
She won't wait.
What should we do?
Have a drink with me.
- Are you nuts?
What? Olga, it's Bear.
What's up?
- They lost him.
- Yegor.
The vampiress wants Anton.
Play for time.
It wasn't for you, Anton.
Tell me what happened.
What the hell happened?
The vampire has Yegor.
She wants you to come.
My mother is dying.
It's my fault.
I wanted her to die.
I thought that if it weren't for her...
...I'd have been
married with a child...
long ago.
And as soon as I thought that...
...the hospital called
and said her kidney failed.
That she needed a transplant.
So I offered my own kidney.
I passed the tests...
...but she refused.
I knew she would.
I did it on purpose,
you understand?
If I'd kept my mouth shut,
she would have taken
the transplant...
...but I told her I was the donor,
because I knew she'd refuse.
I've cursed myself, I'm damned.
That's it.
Anton, you got it.
She cursed herself.
She's an Other.
The curse is lifted.
She's taken it back.
You shouldn't say things like that.
'Damned' isn't just a word.
That's it. Let's go.
Wait. Let me. It's okay.
Here I am.
Here I am, let him go.
Take off the charm.
Fine. There.
Toss the flashlight too.
It won't hurt you...
- Do it.
Okay, okay.
Just don't
Ночной Дозор Ночной Дозор

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