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The flight Moscow-Antalia
crashed over Moscow.
Pilot-in-command and
the crew of lL84
the flight 99753
The flight time
4 hours 20 minutes.
l left my swimsuit
in the hotel.
l took it.
- You were in the room?
- So what?
- Did you look in the mirror?
- Why?
Jesus, don't start that again.
- Let's skip the flight.
- Then skip it.
Here she is. The virgin.
There lived a virgin in Byzantum,
and someone wished her evil
and cursed her.
Wherever she trod, bad luck
lurked over her head.
She took a candle, and the
candle died down.
She petted a puppy, and
the puppy died.
A bird that ate from her hand
fell to the ground.
ln the houses she visited
children died.
The darkness and ravage
ruled the city.
The ravage and darkness.
So warriors stepped
from the dark
who called themselves the
Warriors of Darkness.
And from among the people
those stepped out
who called themselves
the Warriors of Light.
And the great Battle
between Dark and Light began.
But no one could win,
for they were equal.
lt will be so until
a man emerges
who is fated to become
the Great one.
lf he takes the side of Light,
the Light wins.
But those who know the truth
say he'd choose the Darkness.
For it's easier to kill
the Light in oneself
than to scatter
the Darkness.
The prophecy comes true.
Pass me on to Alice.
lt's Zawulon.
l can't talk at the moment.
- You know what happened?
- No.
Your hairdresser. They bashed
his head against the basin.
Bring me the one
who did this.
l'm coming.
We'll train his girlfriend.
The one with the scorched face.
CLC issued the license on her
to the hairdresser,
l mean, allowed
to gobble her up.
lt turned out they knew
each other.
She offered him her throat.
l warned her, l did.
You can't tell enough, they're
young and unafraid.
They caught them on live bait.
Now she's starved.
- Give me.
- Are you salivating?
Give me.
- Andrey taught you to call.
- Well, he did. Give me.
The kid answered your call.
Lure him out.
And when he's in your hands,
to see the one who killed
your Andrey.
My Andrey.
Give me, please.
Give it to me!
Do you want a revenge?
- Don't torture her.
- Please?
- She'll sure find him now.
- How?
She'll find him.
Like a dog.
Come to me.
Where are you going?
l have to find him.
Find whom?
The boy.
Where are you going?
You're barely alive.
We shouldn't've charged you
with field work.
To drink blood and catch
vampires is not for you.
lt's not the point.
What is?
We license them ourselves.
And then we use our live
bait to catch them.
Who said it? Whose words
are those?
Those are my words.
lt's me who says it.
You don't know anything.
Sitting here,
you don't know anything.
lt was a child.
A child.
He's like a bitten
sandwich to her now.
Torn from her mouth
in the last moment.
lf l don't find him,
she'll do it.
l'll give you a partner.
You've killed
a Dark one, Anton.
Zawulon won't forgive you for
that. You need protection.
What's this?
lt's Olga.
She'll help you.
Why do l need it?
lt's your choice.
From our last program
we learnt
how to use live bait.
Today let's talk about owls.
Owls are a special case
of nocturnal predators.
Only an owl can look
at an object
with both eyes at a time
due to their evolved
Owls mostly are
nocturnal species.
Owls can see the heat their
victim's body emanates.
Owl's eye can perceive
invisible infra-red rays.
Managed to foist it off.
The predator who has
a peculiarity...
l didn't want to kill!
Owls feed on animal life,
small animals and birds.
Check out where she lives
and works.
All her contacts
in the last 3 days.
Who could send this damned
curse? And when?
This is a matter of minutes
now, mind it.
l met a curse that strong
1 18 years ago.
l see. How much time
do we have?
No time.
ls it her?
Yes, Svetlana Nazarova, aged 29,
she works in the clinic No 1 7.
Ночной Дозор Ночной Дозор

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