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Ночной Дозор

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I'm serious. They're
real, I saw them.
Hello? Hello?
Zhenya? Is that you? No?
When do you expect her back?
Baby, what's up?
Baby, need a ride?
Hello? Hello?
I'm looking for Zhenya.
Have you seen her? No?
Thanks a lot.
Great. So nobody's home.
Here, here's your medicine.
Take it right now, you hear me?
The keys.
They're real, I saw them.
Who's real?
- Vampires.
Stop playing games.
You're a big boy,
you're old enough...
to stay home alone.
Who are you?
I apologize. I assumed you knew.
I am Dracula.
Get out.
The vortex is 314 meters high...
...angle velocity currently
170 miles per hour...
...and we've got an airplane
entering the red zone.
Airplane? What the hell?
Flight out of Antalya.
A bird got into the turbine.
A bird?
A crow.
Where is the Call coming from?
Seventh floor.
- What?.
- Fuck.
What bastard left the door open?
It's her.
She's here.
She could be anywhere.
It's safer if we go in
through the Gloom.
I see you.
Can he really?
Yes. He must be an Other.
How long can he
stay in the Gloom?
Not long. He's had no training.
How long do we have?
Ten seconds before
the Gloom consumes him.
Stay away.
- Look at me. Look at me.
- Don't close your eyes.
- Give me your hand.
- Give me your hand.
I'm not afraid of you.
Open your eyes.
Don't touch him.
He's already lost.
If we stay longer,
the Gloom will take us too.
The Gloom has started to take me.
We have to save Yegor.
Distract the Gloom, feed it...
...and we can slip him out.
Give it blood.
It was so dark.
Why was it so dark?
Did you do that?
No. It's called the Gloom.
You can see it because...
...you're an Other.
I'm not...
...like normal people?
Not anymore.
Is that a good thing, or bad?
We have an emergency bulletin...
from the National
Forecast Bureau:
Due to abnormally severe weather...
conditions, a tornado
watch is in effect.
So, what are 'the Others'?
Scoot over.
Some people are born special.
But they don't even know it.
How do they find out?
When they have to
do something extraordinary...
...like lift a car to rescue someone
who is trapped...
...or defend themselves
from a vampire attack...
...something awakens inside them.
And after that,
life is completely changed.
If there's no one close
to you to explain...
what's happened to you...
...to train you in how
to use your new gifts...
...you could die.
Every Other has a different gift.
Soon you'll discover yours.
You'll use your
powers to serve Dark,
or Light.
What kind of Others are you?
Light or Dark?
Us? We're Light.
What about me?
You'll have to decide for yourself.
What's the difference between
Dark and Light Others?
All Others draw their power
from what is inside people.
The Dark ones feed on darkness,
the Light ones on light.
Understand? Like food.
You don't eat normal food?
Us? We would if someone offered.
My bad.
You like dumplings?
Dumplings? I love dumplings.
Look, I just don't get it...
What's not to get?
She's pregnant, you know.
And the baby's not yours.
Don't worry, I'll bring her back.
Well, I...
What's the problem?
- No problem.
What are you muttering about?
How do I know if it's true?
Trust me on this.
It's a boy.
Who's this?
How old are you?
Are you sure she's
not coming back?
The vampire girl.
She won't.
Not while we're here.
Did you salt the dumplings?
The vortex is almost open
and he's still with the kid.
What do we do?
Just be patient...
...and everything
will come together.
Get ready. It's time.
753 to ground control. Request
permission for emergency landing.
Negative, ground
systems are down.
Circle at altitude and stand by.
I told you I needed all her contacts
for the last three days.
Can you do that or not?
- I can't.
The software's totally outdated...
- Enough.
We're leaving.
Ночной Дозор Ночной Дозор

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