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Ночной Дозор

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the victim to them.
We've traced it to
the orange subway...
line, but that's as far as we got.
You'll have to track them
on foot from there.
You have to get on
the same frequency as the victim.
Hear what he hears.
Feel the Call, like he does.
Can you feel it yet?
- You will.
A victim hearing the Call will have...
high blood pressure,
and may bleed.
The Call puts him in
a sort of trance.
He doesn 't think about where he's...
going, he just knows
he has to get there.
Any signs he sees along the way...
...he tells himself
they're instructions.
Anything he hears,
he takes for an order.
What do you want? Go away.
Don 't let him out of your sight.
I got it.
Don 't forget your weapon.
Got it.
And use the right
light bulb this time.
You'll know you've
found the victim...
...when you hear the Call
as clear as he does.
If you're not feeling it yet...
...try another swig of the red stuff.
I'm out of the shit.
Need me to get more?
No, I'll handle it.
What are you doing
up at this hour?
Just let me get dressed.
Hi, neighbor.
Hey, Pop.
I told you not to bring anyone here.
He's cool.
It's still warm.
Is it pig's?
Pig's blood is almost
exactly like human's.
They even use pigs' organs
for transplant these days.
'They' who?
We like you very much, Anton.
- Our family.
Me and Kostya.
Why did you bring him here?
Because he's turned
into one of us.
No, Kostya. He's a Light Other,
one of the Night Watch.
They drink blood
under only one condition:
When they hunt vampires like us.
- What?
He still hasn't
called? Try him again.
He's not picking up.
Why not?
Fine. I'll call him again.
Where the hell is he?
Underground, probably.
Must be.
I'm waiting.
Come to me.
Come to me.
Come now.
You feel like shit, huh?
I feel like chewing
your fucking ear off.
Don't you push me.
What's wrong with you?
Quit shoving.
Wearing sunglasses indoors,
screeching like a lunatic.
Get a job.
I'm waiting.
You. Let's see some ID.
Anton Gorodetsky.
Take off your shades.
Have you been drinking?
Just blood.
Drunk on blood.
Drunk, all right.
Drunk and disorderly.
Grab him.
What the fuck you been drinking?
Get the hell out of here.
Come to me.
Got your location. Cold Street.
What's the address?
What's wrong?
Anton, don 't switch
the phone off...
Let's move.
I gotta drop some pounds.
Go on. Drink him.
I can't do it.
Wait. Come here.
Do it.
Boy? Where are you?
This is Night Watch.
Step out of the Gloom now.
Take the cross-town, it's faster...
- You wanna drive?
Simeon, stop, it's red.
Run, boy.
Using live bait, pig?
No live bait. Just me.
My teeth.
Hello? Anton?
Did you get the address?
What was that?
- Number 12.
No, he said '10.'
- Ask him again.
Andrei. Stop it.
Let him go. Andrei. No.
Zavulon. It's Zavulon.
Andrei, let him go.
Where are you?
I don't want to hurt you.
Come out of the Gloom.
I told you it was number 12,
but you wouldn't listen.
Get him in the truck.
It's the Day Watch.
Your colleague is charged with
the unlawful use of deadly force.
Did he say something?
I can't hear a thing
over the truck engine.
Sorry, we've got an emergency.
You might want to
move that nice car.
We wouldn't want to
accidentally run over it.
See you.
City Light Company. This is Geser.
It kind of went bad, sir.
- He killed one vampire.
The female escaped.
- Is he all right?
You know how many number 12's
there are on Cold Street?
Yes, yes, is he all right?
Bring him to me right away.
On my desk.
All right, all of you out...
...right now. Go on.
Every Night Watch officer...
...must be proficient in combat.
I don't need my people...
...or killing anyone else.
You should have gone
into the Gloom...
...arrested the vampire.
Not smashed him to bits.
But everyone's acting
Ночной Дозор Ночной Дозор

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