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at fault
that guide him.
Any word is perceived
as an order.
- Go away!
- Where to?
The main thing is
not to miss him.
You got me?
Written by Sergei LUKYANENKO
Director of Photography -
Production Designers -
Valery VlCTOROV, Mukhtar MlRZAKEEV
Music by Yury POTEENKO
You find them - you find
the victim.
Edited by Dmitry KlSELEV
To feel the victim you should
become like them.
l've run out of this shit.
-Want me to bring some?
-No need. l'll find it myself.
Leading Producers -
Produced by Anatoly MAXlMOV
Konstantin ERNST
Directed by
Why are you so early?
l'll be right back.
Hi there, neighbor.
Hi, dad.
l told you not to bring anyone.
lt's still warm.
ls it pig's?
Human stomach is exactly
like pig's.
You know, they even make
transplants out of pigs.
'They' who?
The people.
We like you very much.
- Who?
- Our family. Me and Kostya.
Why did you bring him?
He became like us.
No, Kostya, he's the Light One.
The Light Ones drink blood
only under one circumstance.
When they hunt our likes.
- What?
- He still doesn't call.
- Dial him again.
- He won't answer.
- Why doesn't he?
- l'll call again.
Where is this villain
hiding himself?
He's underground, prob'ly.
Come to me.
Where are you?
Do you feel that rotten, bro?
l'll chew your ear off.
Come hither.
Why do you push me?
With your specs on.
You should go to work,
l'm sorry.
Sr. Lt. Somov. Your
documents please.
Anton Gorodetsky.
Take your glasses off.
- Are you drunk or what?
- Drunk on blood.
Drunk all right...
Drunk and being rowdy,
Freeze! Get him.
You drink piss for sure.
Go home.
l've got you, Anton.
Sviblovo, Studyonaya St.
What's the number, Anton?
- What's wrong?
- l lost him.
Look at the number.
Don't switch the phone off.
C'mon, let's go.
Got to lose some weight.
Let's go.
Go on, drink him.
l can't.
Wait, come here.
Take a bite.
Boy, where are you?
The Night Watch.
All step out of the gloom.
Semyon, the red! Stop!
Boy, you run.
Using the living bait,
you dirty fuzz?
No, we just use some bread.
Shut yer kisser up.
Have you seen the number?
Gotcha. llyukha, ask him
for directions.
Andrey, don't. Let him go.
Andrey, no!
Zawulon, Semyon!
Andrey, l'm begging you,
let's beat it!
l see you, scum.
Come out!
Emergency service.
City Light Company
l told you, 12, but you
said, 1 1 .
Lena, take him. The day watch
has come.
You are charged with unlawful
use of firearms.
What does he say?
l didn't hear
because of the machine.
We've an emergency
here, sorry.
You could move your car,
or we could damage it.
Good bye.
The CLC here.
We're late, Boris lvanovich.
He killed one.
The vampiress escaped..
What's wrong with him?
No end of numbers 12
at that street.
- 12, bldg 1 , bldg 2...
- What's wrong with him?
What's wrong with him?
Take him right here.
City Light Company
To my table!
All of you, out! Quick!
Every Night Watchman
should be able
to fight.
The cook, the whore,
the sawbones.
The programmer.
You'd been sitting in the
office for 3.5 years
and learned to treat
the Night watch duty
as a normal human job.
Don't blame yourself.
You didn't kill him,
you just gave him
the eternal rest.
Don't sleep, talk.
lt's Zawulon.
There's a woman.
- ls she young? Pretty?
- lt's not the...
The funnel.
5 days.
The funnel.
l wanted to strike
the funnel down.
Look here, Anton.
Let's go there.
Go there. Here.
What are you pushing?
All right.
Come back, Anton,
come back.
Come back.
- Did you see her?
- Yes.
She's beautiful.
Just a moment.
- Analytics Dept.
- Beat to quarters.
Anton found the funnel
of damnation.
l should know for sure
what's gonna happen in Moscow
in the next 24 hours.
City Light
Ночной Дозор Ночной Дозор

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