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Having been warned by her,
he still agreed...
...to bear responsibility...
...for murdering the unborn child
of his wife, Irina Petrova."
So you really did want to kill me.
Yes, but...
...then I found you, and I wanted...
- To kill me?
You wanted to kill me?
Yegor! Please!
Don't go with them! They are Dark!
You're no better than the Dark.
You're worse.
You lie. You only pretend to be good.
I've been waiting centuries for this.
Those fated to drown...
...will drown.
Those fated to fall from a roof...
...will fall.
This boy was always fated to be great.
But it was you who made him
choose the Dark.
It's done now, you can't change it.
Stay away from him.
I will take care of him now.
You set all this up, didn't you?
You bastard.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Come on.
Go on.
That's it. Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Come on. Come on.
Go ahead. Go on.
Come on.
And so it came to pass
the Great Other came into the world...
...and chose the side of evil.
Legend says he will plunge the world
into darkness.
But so long as there are those among us
who believe in Light...
...there will be hope.Channel One "Russia"
Tabbak Film Company
The Baselev's Production
Languedoc, 1342
Since the time immemorial,
the knights who called themselves
the "Warriors of Light"
have been chasing witches
and sorcerers
who torture humans.
But one day,
their path was barred
by the Warriors of Darkness.
And no one wanted to make way.
And the battle started,
bloody and merciless.
As the battle reached heaven,
Great Gesser saw they were
and if the battle is not stopped,
everyone perishes.
So he stopped the battle.
So the Forces of Light
and the Forces of Darkness
signed the Armistice.
And it was said that from that
time on neither good nor evil
can be made without
mutual consent.
And it was said there
shall be the Day Watch
to watch over
the Forces of Light.
And it was said there
shall be the Night Watch
to watch over the Forces
of Darkness.
Yet in a thousand years,
the Great Other will come
and take the side of Evil,
and the world will be plunged
into the Darkness.
Hi, I've come to answer the ad.
- Have you brought the photo?
- Yes.
Hold a sec.
Give it to me.
Come in.
Moscow, 1992
The room's not done,
step in the kitchen.
You sit down, sonny.
Don't worry.
Don't pay any mind that I call you
sons. You're all sons to me.
- The story is...
- I know your story, Anton.
Anton and Irina, 6.6.90
You loved her and took
care of her,
and 2 days ago she packed
everything up
and abandoned you for
another man.
See, I know everything.
I have it from my granny
and my mom.
This is a family trait.
- We'll do everything now.
- I don't get it.
What's to get here?
She'll have a child.
Not yours.
Don't be afraid, I'll get her
back in no time.
But the child will drag her to
the rival father.
To poison the innocent fetus
is a great sin.
So, to get the wife back
one should poison the child?
Don't be scared. I'll clap
my hands and it'll die.
And the wife will throw it
away, dead.
- You'll take that sin upon you.
- Well, I don't...
Will you take it?
- The sin?
- Yes.
- I will.
- It's a deal then.
It won't hurt. We'll do...
...everything to you.
Don't worry.
People have to be helped.
Don't be afraid, everything's
sterile with me.
- Drink it.
- Are you kidding?
- It's a...
- Are the elements important?
Or the effect?
- The effect.
- Then drink it.
Is anything wrong?
We have to part.
Good boy.
So, we'll start the part 2.
We'll deal with the cub.
Red water, alien woe,
rotten seed
and evil weed.
Gone thing that used to be.
Come hither, anguish.
There's no running away
from these words...
Don't jerk, you witch!
Get her hands.
Don't let her
clap her hands!
Go away.
Tiger Cup
Using the live bait, coppers!
- We'll process you.
- I'm not guilty.
This will be decided by the
court martial.
Darya Leonidovna,
you stand accused
Ночной Дозор Ночной Дозор

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