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- Speaking.
Your mother is dead.
Hello? Hello? Maxim Ivanovich?
Can you hear me?
Shit. They're about to go.
Hang on, Maxim.
Damn it, we're too late!
- It's going to fall on us!
- Relax.
Where is it?
The vortex? Right there.
Kill the juice!
Upstairs, get the cable up here!
Run the cable.
More, more!
Svetlana's apartment
is across the way.
We're set up at ground zero.
- Pubs for instance. Shut down all pubs,
rock concerts, football matches...
Negative field density of 87 percent.
The vortex is growing exponentially.
Got it, got it!
- Who are these people?
- They live here.
Are you insane?
Shouldn't have been eating while
watching TV. Bad for the eyes.
Have you found who cursed her?
Nobody cursed her. Nobody.
You act like you've never heard
of the Apocalypse.
What's the big deal? A vortex?
I remember in 1941,
when I stepped on a landmine.
Now, that was a huge hole.
Since then, my right ear hears okay,
but my left...
I've analyzed the vortex's growth rate.
It's going to blow soon.
We have to get out of here.
What does the pointy arrow do?
Don't touch that!
Did I ask for your help?
Looks like you need it,
you fucking hacker.
Field density's 92 percent.
We're running out of time.
Have you tried every intersection?
Fine, go ahead, you try it.
Let's see.
I've checked all her friends, family,
Not one.
Not a single Other among them.
No one who could create
a curse this big.
What motherfucker cursed her?
Mother, there's a thought.
Look, I'll show you.
Nazarova, Sergeyevna, born 1947.
Former schoolteacher, now retired.
Currently in the hospital
with kidney failure.
Anton, Geser is waiting for you.
I've checked her a thousand times.
Look, look!
She's not an Other.
"Anton Gorodetsky,
revealed as an Other 8/19/92.
Chose to join the Light.
Became an officer of Night Watch.
Friendly with his neighbor,
who is a Dark Other.
History of alcohol abuse.
Considered capable of killing.
First came to attention of Night Watch
during the arrest of Mrs. Schultz...
...for illegal practice of dark magic
under false pretenses."
False pretenses?
Why did you lie to him?
You knew it was his child.
You knew it was his child.
Come on, Anton. Let's go.
Let's go.
Anton, come on.
What's the matter with you?
Geser wants to see you.
The Light Other with the dark past.
I've been looking for you.
Who's that barking in the shadows?
Knock it off, Zavulon.
Kill the lights.
You invited me here after all...
Give him the protection charm.
I'm not the one who killed
someone illegally...
He needs to be protected against you.
- Throw it.
- Should I?
Behave yourself, Zavulon.
Repeat after me:
You have no power over me, Zavulon.
You have no power over me, Zavulon!
Well, I'll leave you two alone.
Let's go, Ugly.
See you soon.
Go to her apartment,
find out who cursed her.
And then?
There are two ways to stop the vortex:
Either find out who cursed her...
...and make them lift it...
...or she has to die.
Are you telling me to kill her?
One life against thousands.
Maybe millions.
Door code is 1322.
What if she recognizes me
from the metro?
Tell her you're one of her patients,
feeling sick.
She sees hundreds of patients,
she'll think you're one of them.
Anton, do you want me
to sing you something?
Hello, Dr. Nazarova.
Can I help you?
I'm sorry to bother you at home.
You have enough on your hands
at work.
It's all right, come in. I'll take a look.
Just let me wash my hands.
- Is she as pretty as you remember?
- How's Yegor?
Don 't worry, Tiger Cub and Bear
are taking care of him.
Come to me.
It's time for you to go.
Are you kicking us out?
No. But my mom
will come home soon.
How do I explain you two?
Say we're electricians.
Fixing the lights.
Watch this.
Why do they call you "Bear"?
Because he's a shape-shifter,
that's his gift.
He can turn into a bear.
Me, I can become a tiger.
Show me.
Ночной Дозор Ночной Дозор

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