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Maxim found her at work.
We can't keep her,
she has to go to the pound.
Mom, she can live with us.
Let her live, Auntie Valya.
- Take care.
- Thank you, Sveta dear.
You hungry?
My new partner, the feathered wonder.
Say something.
Talk to me.
Don't turn around!
Don't turn around!
Don't look!
- Are you...?
- Don't look at me!
Are you afraid?
The shower...
...is over there.
Why did they do this to you?
It was a punishment.
How do I get this to work?
Up, and left for hot, right for cold.
I mean... Yes.
I never heard of a punishment like that.
You've never heard
of crimes like these.
Do you have any clothes I can wear?
Sure. Just a sec.
You got any women's clothes,
by chance?
Never mind. Sorry.
Here. These were my mom's.
Something wrong?
Come in for a sec.
You know, Anton...
...when a Dark Other goes away...
...goes away for good...
...we all feel it.
That's the way it is, neighbor.
It's the truce.
You know how it works.
How does it work, Anton?
Your guys and our guys have a deal...
...that allows everything,
as long as we take turns?
Well, there is one thing I don't get.
Why does your kind get to issue us
licenses, and not the other way around?
You know what our hunger is,
you've felt it yourself.
- Yes, I have.
- Anton?
What's this for?
It's soap.
What do you want me to say?
He was a cool guy.
- What?
- He was a cool guy!
"Cool guy"? He was a killer.
He killed defenseless people.
He turned a girl into a vampire.
She's like you now, only much worse.
She doesn't know how to live with it.
You licensed him to turn her.
Maybe they wanted
to be immortal together.
They loved each other.
I did my job.
That was good.
I've been waiting 60 years
for a hot shower.
Nice vampire you've got there.
He doesn't feed on the living.
Maybe not now,
but the time will come, won't it?
Yes! And when I do,
I'll come to you legally...
...and you'll give me
a fucking license...
...won't you, neighbor?
Let him go.
- He's my friend.
- He's a vampire.
- He's an Other.
- He wanted to kill you.
- He brought you clothes.
- We're still enemies.
Get dressed.
Are these clothes in style?
Don't know.
They're all we've got.
Don't you have a girlfriend?
I did once. A long time ago.
How long ago?
Just long.
Where is she now?
Don't know.
It's been 12 years.
Did you take your medicine?
Did you take your Andipal?
Good boy.
Experts say that the winds
building outside Moscow...
...are the strongest ever recorded...
Hello? It's Irina.
I was wondering if you could
spend the night here.
I'm worried about Yegor.
He's sick again...
...and I have to go to work.
You can't?
Are vampires real?
Yes, Yegor.
They're little boys who suck the life
out of their parents.
I'm serious. They're real, I saw them.
Hello? Hello?
Zhenya? Is that you? No?
When do you expect her back?
Baby, what's up?
Baby, need a ride?
Hello? Hello?
I'm looking for Zhenya.
Have you seen her? No?
Thanks a lot.
Great. So nobody's home.
Here, here's your medicine.
Take it right now, you hear me?
The keys.
They're real, I saw them.
- Who's real?
- Vampires.
Stop playing games.
You're a big boy, you're old enough
to stay home alone.
Who are you?
I apologize. I assumed you knew.
I am Dracula.
Get out!
The vortex is 314 meters high...
...angle velocity currently
170 miles per hour...
...and we've got an airplane
entering the red zone.
Airplane? What the hell?
Flight out of Antalya.
A bird got into the turbine.
A bird?
A crow.
Where is the Call coming from?
- Seventh floor.
- What?!
- Seventh!
- Fuck.
What bastard left the door open?
It's her.
She's here.
She could be anywhere.
It's safer if we go in
through the Gloom.
I see you.
Can he really?
- Yes. He must be an Other.
- How long can he stay in the Gloom?
Not long. He's had no training.
How long do we have?
Ten seconds before
the Gloom consumes
Ночной Дозор Ночной Дозор

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