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turned on
into a section of the railroad tracks.
And it is your car lights we hope
will funnel the rabbits onto them.
There will be machine-gun and rifle fire
to kill and divert these monsters.
Do not panic.
Sergeant, see if they understand
my instructions.
And, sergeant, make sure
they all roll their windows up.
Please roll your windows up.
Roll your window up and listen
for further orders from the major.
Here they come.
Look at the size of them.
I can't believe it.
Rabbits sighted approaching
Harrison Road, still heading toward Ajo.
Okay, we're ready to connect here.
Bennett called. His family's safe.
They're on their way.
He said he spotted thousands
of rabbits headed our direction.
Lopez, tell them to cut the power.
Cut the power.
Station five, sheriff.
The ones coming from the north...
... have been joined by thousands of others
coming from the west of town.
They're a mile past
the Jackson trailer park.
Understand five people dead
and the area in complete shambles.
- How are they?
- Fine. They're in the chopper.
Are you all right?
Fine, thanks.
Have them turn the power on.
Calling Jason. Calling Jason.
Come in, Jason.
- Jason here.
- Turn on the power.
There they are.
There's some more.
Outpost sector reporting.
More keep coming.
Best we can do
is funnel them toward you.
Detour all traffic from Highway 83.
In direct path of oncoming horde.
Helicopter reporting.
They're headed straight towards
the tracks. It won't be long.
The horde is entering your perimeter.
The horde is entering your perimeter.
They're heading straight toward you,
between the cars and the track.
Here they come!
Clark, behind you.
- Hi, Cole.
- Hi, Roy.
- Gerry, Elgin.
- How's everything been at the ranch?
Well, it set me back a few years...
...but at least there's a new pack
of coyotes yapping up in the hills...
...and my boy said he saw
a deer and a fox.
Oh, great. And the rabbits?
Jackie said yesterday he saw some new
rabbit burrows north of the water hole.
But nothing like they used to be.
Well, survival of the fittest.
- That's only fair, I suppose.
- Yeah.
Say, why don't you and your wife
come out to the ranch.
- We'd like that.
- Good.
- We really would.
- You got a deal.
- Okay. Bye-bye.
- Bye.
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