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railroad dispatcher's
still on duty?
He should be,
unless he's been evacuated.
Get him on the telephone.
We'll funnel them into
a half-mile area at the tracks.
Unless you tell me those rabbits
are good at climbing ladders...
...I got no intentions
of budging out of this place.
Now, what can I do for you?
According to the map...
...the railroad line north of town
cuts clear across, east and west.
Is there any way we can isolate
a stretch of track...
...at least 2 miles long
between us and Galanos?
Well, there's a siding
five mile east of here.
I'll switch the one
to the east right now.
I got the tracks to the east
cut off from the rest of the line.
There's a freight on the line.
I can stop it,
throw the switch if you want.
No, it won't work with
a train on the track.
- What won't work?
- A fence, major.
A fence between the rabbits
and the city. An electrical fence.
We'll electrocute them
on the railroad tracks.
As soon as that train
clears that other switch...
...I want you to throw it open
the same way. You got that?
Right, right.
Attention, attention.
Ladies and gentlemen, attention.
There is a herd of killer rabbits
headed this way...
...and we desperately need your help.
Roll up your windows.
Turn on your lights and follow the police car
at the entrance of the theater.
Please keep calm
and cooperate with the authorities.
Do you read me?
All right, move out.
Come on. Move it up, move it up.
All right, folks. Come on, let's go.
Move it up, move it up.
Come on, folks. Move out.
Please, let's cooperate. Let's go, folks.
Everyone together, now. Please.
Keep going, keep going.
Okay, that's it. Move out.
Jason, take Major White
to his command post.
Then go to the power station,
wait for orders.
Get back into the car, Hillman.
We're going to the railroad tracks.
Sheriff, would you check with your office
and see if they've heard from my wife?
Sheriff Cody calling. Come in, please.
- Clark here.
- Clark, have you heard from Gerry?
No. I've called Woodale several times.
She hasn't arrived yet.
- Let me know when you hear of something.
- I sure will, Roy.
I'm starting to worry, sheriff.
I should have heard from Gerry
and Amanda an hour ago.
Will you have that chopper meet me
at the railroad siding?
Why, sure.
As soon as that train
clears the switch...
...throw all the power you can
into both rails.
We know. Get in that chopper
and find your family.
That's right. Here, take this.
Leave your lights on.
Line your cars up.
Follow instructions
from National Guardsmen.
All right. Line your cars up
as close together as you can.
Move it up closer.
- Go faster, please.
- Closer. Up a little farther. That's it.
- Leave your lights on.
- Come on, come on, move it.
- Get in there.
- Over here.
- Closer.
- More to your right, come on.
Leave those lights on.
- Good.
- That's it. Good.
Good. Faster. Let's go.
Don't kill your motor yet.
Keep it going.
All right. Come on, come on.
Easy, easy. Okay, okay.
Let the other car by, please. Come on.
It's all right, sweetheart.
Now, I want you to get
inside the camper...
...and I want you
to lock the door. All right.
Mommy, watch out! Be careful!
Mommy! Mommy!
Mommy! Wait!
Mommy! Oh, no, Mommy.
Watch out!
It's all right, honey. Daddy's here.
Daddy, Daddy!
- Are you all right?
- Oh, honey.
Let's get out of here.
How much longer
are you fellas gonna be?
We're working
as fast as we can, sheriff.
Sheriff, I have the dispatcher.
Sheriff Cody here.
Now, what happened to that train?
Sheriff, I told you,
there's a slow freight on the line.
And there's nothing I can do about it.
Well, where is it now?
Five minutes
before it crosses that switch.
Ladies and gentlemen,
reports from headquarters confirm...
...that the horde of killer rabbits
is getting closer to town.
High voltage has been

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