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Get in touch with the governor
and the National Guard.
We have an emergency here.
What's the trouble?
If I told you,
you'd think I'd been drinking.
- But I need your help.
- Well, get in.
Thank you.
Circle the area. Let us know
if you spot any of them.
- What did the governor say?
- Major White spoke to him.
He said to use the National Guard.
What about the aerial photos
and maps?
- Everything's at the station.
- Let's go.
I'm in the sheriff's office.
I'll be here if you need me.
Thanks, operator.
I can't get Cole Hillman.
The switchboard in Galanos is dead.
Well, there's nothing in Galanos
but a few stores and houses.
Are there any mines south of here?
Or any place at all where
they could hole up for the day?
Well, I'm not sure.
Jason, you know that territory
better than I do.
Well, sheriff, to the best of my knowledge,
I've never heard of any mines that far south.
Well, put him on.
Hello, sheriff?
It's me, Cole Hillman.
Where are you?
I've been trying to get ahold of you.
Now, listen to this.
The rabbits attacked the ranch
last night and killed Jud.
Also Mildred, her husband and Les.
They move at night
and are heading your direction.
All right.
Stay right where you are.
I'll have a car pick you up.
What's that all about?
Cole just came through Galanos.
Said they're holed up in the buildings there.
Then we've got them.
We'll hit the whole town with rockets.
I've got two fighter-bombers
on the runway in Tucson right now.
Just a minute, major.
What about survivors?
It'll be dark before I get there
with enough men to handle the situation.
When it gets dark, you won't be able
to handle the situation.
Sheriff, when those rabbits start coming,
they could be here in a couple of hours.
Will that give you enough time
to evacuate the town?
Not all of it.
There are a lot of trailer courts
and ranches spread around.
Many of them without telephones.
You know, what we need is a fence
about 10 miles long and 20 feet high.
Let's evacuate the town.
Major White, let me have
my command post. I'll wait.
I should've been hearing
from Gerry by now.
Jason, are those lines
to Woodale still open?
As far as I know, sir.
I didn't want the girls here
when the reporters came around.
Well, don't worry. Woodale's a good
25 miles west of those rabbits.
She'll be safer there
than she would be in town.
I hope you're right.
National Guard Alpha Company reports
the rabbits are near Four Corners...
... killing as they come.
Other companies are setting up
machine guns outside of Ajo.
- A complete standstill.
All traffic will be diverted to Stone Canyon.
Buses leaving the square
are filled to capacity.
Advise all motorists to drive
with caution, with windows up.
Volunteers desperately needed
at the hospital...
... to assist in evacuating patients.
Lopez calling. Come in, sheriff.
Cody here.
We're on the road,
about 15 miles south of Galanos.
They're right behind us...
...spread out on both sides of the road.
Looks like there could be
hundreds of them...
..ing at you on a front
maybe 2 miles wide.
At the speed they're going,
I'd say you've got about 40...
...50 minutes. Over.
All right, Lopez.
We're headed for the station.
We'll see you there. Let's go.
Here to here.
Now, if they're coming across a front
that wide, I can't possibly stop them.
I just don't have enough men.
When morning comes, they'll hole up.
We'll have better chance to handle them.
The city will be a disaster area
by that time. They only move at night.
You were saying something
about a fence.
Yeah. A fence about 2 miles long
and 20 feet high.
Clark, how far do you think
those rabbits travel with each stride?
Oh, judging from the tracks we've seen,
I'd say, oh, four, maybe five feet.
Think that

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